JaDocz.com - is a unique service for document publishing, storage and exchange. It understands majority of popular document formats, like pdf, doc, ppt, xls, odt, etc. Basically it is an analogue of popular video publishing service, but for documents. We were the first ones in runet and until now we are still the only service of this type.

We started working on the project in 2009. Since then we solved many interesting (and boring) tasks on document convertation, viewing etc. We learned to store terrabytes of information and create backups for all documents in the system.

We have not fulfilled even half of our plans. In the closest future we will add API, that will allow to work with system automatically. We have already launched document shop.

We respect copyright and comply as a service provider with all applicable copyright laws. You can find more information at the "Terms & agreement" page. Unfortunately, we can't track all copyright infringements. If you are a copyright holder and you believe that any content hosted on our web site infringes your copyrights, then you may submit an Abuse report.

We are glad to receive your partnership proposals and suggestions on how to improve our service. Contact information can be found at Contact Us page.