Tooth infection Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Tooth infection: Symptoms, Causes, and
A tooth infection can make you feel helpless; not only will you be in pain, but you will be
unable to eat your food. The infection can be caused by a bacterial infection. The pain
can be moderate or severe; it can get serious and even radiate to your neck or ear. If you
do not get a tooth infection treatment Houston as soon as possible, it can result into a
life threatening condition. Read on to find more about tooth infection.
There are three main types of tooth infection but the most common ones are periapical
abscess, periodontal abscess and gingival abscess. Periapocal infection affects the root of
the tooth. Periodontal infection is an infection that affects the gum just near the root of
the tooth.
The symptoms of a tooth infection are pain near the tooth. The pain will get worse with
time. Other symptoms of tooth infection include pain radiating to the ear or the neck. You
will also need to go for a tooth infection treatment when you feel pain as you chew.
Tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, loose teeth and even bad breath can be symptoms of
tooth infection.
You can get a tooth infection when bacteria get into your teeth. The causes for the
periapical infection are caused by bacteria entering the pulp through cavity. The pulp is
the soft part of the tooth. It is made of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. The
periodontal infection is caused by gum disease or an injury. The gingival infection is
caused by a foreign body getting embedded into your gums.
A tooth infection should not give you sleepless nights because you can have an
emergency tooth infection treatment. The treatment involves clearing the infection to
alleviate the pain. The dentist office Houston Tx can begin treatment with a dental xray. The x-ray will help determine if the infection has spread to other areas.
Some of the treatment options are having a root canal procedure. The procedure involves
drilling the infected tooth to remove the infected pulp. The dentist then fills the pulp
chamber. The dentist can also cap the tooth using a crown to make it strong. The tooth
extraction is also another treatment method for the tooth infection. If the tooth has been
badly damaged, the dentist can remove the tooth and then drain the abscess. You can also
be given antibiotics at the periodontal disease treatment Houston. In case the tooth
infection has spread to other area. The antibiotics will clear the infection. In case the
tooth infection was cause by an object stuck in your gums, the dentist only has to remove
it. The dentist will then clean the area with a saline solution.
In case you have a tooth infection and you are unable to go for the periodontal disease
treatment, you can go for the over the counter drugs. An over the counter drug that will
help relieve the pain is ibuprofen. You can also rinse your mouth with warm salt water
for fast relief.