Neck pain causes and prevention

Neck pain is one of the pains people complain about and it is the reason people go to a neck
Doctor New York. The neck muscles are usually strained due to poor posture; hunching over a
workbench or leaning over your computer. Neck pain can also be caused by osteoarthritis. It is
not usually symptom of something serious but it is advisable to see a joint Pain Doctor
When to see a doctor
You should seek medical attention when
you have a shooting pain from your
shoulder going down to your spine,
headache, muscle tightness, reduced ability
to move your neck. You should see your
shoulder Pain Doctor Nyc when if you
have severe neck pain due to a motor
vehicle accident or fall. You should also
visit your neck Doctor Nyc if the neck
pain is severe, spreads down your legs and
is accompanied by tingling.
The neck supports your weight and it can
be vulnerable to injuries. Some common
causes of neck pain include muscle strains which occur due to hunching over your computer for
many hours. The other cause is worn joints; the neck joints are subject to wear and tear with age.
Nerve compression also causes neck pain, injuries and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis will also
lead to neck pain.
Most of the neck pain is caused by the poor posture and wear and tear that comes with age. There
are ways you can use to prevent the neck pain. Make sure you keep your head centered over the
spine. Making a few changes to your routine will also help. The first thing you have to do is to
have good posture. Ensure that your shoulders are in a straight line with your hips. It is also
necessary to take frequent breaks. In case you work long hours, take some time to get up and
stretch your neck and shoulders.
Adjusting your desk, chair and computer will also help. The monitor needs to be at eye level and
you have to make sure that your knees are slightly lower than your hips. If you smoke, then you
should quit since it puts you at a higher risk of getting neck pain. If you are fond of tucking your
phone between your shoulders and your ear when you talk, then it is high time you stopped the
habit. It can be one of the reasons for having a neck pain. You can choose to use a headphone. It
is also vital that you sleep in good position.
When sleeping, you need to keep your head and
neck aligned with your body. You can use a small
pillow under your neck. You can also lie on your
back and elevate your thighs with pillows. You
can prevent neck pain by carrying heavy bags with
straps over your shoulder.
Neck pain is common but you can use the
following methods to prevent before going to
Neck Pain Doctor In New York. Prevention is always better than cure. Make changes to your
lifestyle and you will keep your health in check. There are very few changes that you need to do
some when you are suffering from chronic pain to avoid going to an arthritis Pain Specialist.