The mouth is the most significant part of your face. There are two main benefits of the dentist that do
braces. The primary benefit is that they improve your looks, and the second is that it is important for
your oral hygiene. Search for a dentist that do braces near me and get the best dentist for your oral
health. But most people have the question “How long does it take to put on braces?”. Well, it only
takes 1-2 hours to complete the process.
There are six different types of dentists available, and each plays a different role. But the important part
is that they all are important for your dental health. The top five categorized dentists are as shown
General Dentists
It gives various dental services that are important in maintaining overall dental health. The various
services involved are preventive services, restorative services, cosmetic services, and overall health.
These dentists are experts in root canal treatment. People mostly consider the superficial look of their
teeth, but inside the tooth, there is a cluster of canals. These canals contain blood vessels with nerves
and living tissues. Endodontic treats these soft tissues. Its treatment is known as root canal treatment.
In this treatment procedure, the dead tissues are removed with the help of drilling a small hole near the
teeth. After removing the tissue, the dentist will fill up the hole and seal the teeth so that it can never
get infected again in the future.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
These dentists treat the hard and soft tissues of the face, jaws, and mouth. If you have to undergo a
tooth extraction then you will be referred to these dentists. These dentists also do procedures like
wisdom tooth removal, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants, obstructive sleep apnea, tooth
extractions, cleft lip/palate surgery, and bone grafting.
These dentists improve the look of jaws and teeth that are out of line. Orthodontists are experts in
curing and treating the bad bite or malocclusions. For these treatments, they use various appliances like
braces, clear aligners and removable appliances. Nowadays, orthodontist Miami uses invisible braces in
place of those older ugly looking metal braces. Visit the orthodontist office for more details about
invisible braces.
Only white shiny teeth are not the sign of good dental health. White shiny teeth along with pink gums
are the sign of good oral health. To make sure about the health of your gums, you need to consult a
periodontal surgeon. These are the experts for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum
diseases. Gums are very sensitive so go for regular checkups with a periodontist to prevent your gums
from gingivitis or periodontitis.
Since now you have all the required details about the various different types of dentists. Now, visit the
dentist for maintaining your dental hygiene. We at Ivanov Orthodontics Experts have all types of
dentists at our clinic to treat all kinds of dental problems. To get the best treatment, reach us through
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