Hot Selling Quality Pre-made Fans C, D Curls 2D-8D Any Fans

Hot Selling Quality Pre-made Fans C, D Curls 2D-8D Any Fans
Volume Eyelashes Extension is made of Korean Premium Fiber.It is soaked
in high pressure and low temperature to absorb 100% collagen,so it is the
closest to the composition of real eyelashes,it is not easy to deform.It
contains antibacterial agents that will not hurt the eyes.You can wear and use
it for a longer time.Besides,as it is full, not split and like feathers as light,so
you can use it by yourself with a shorter time.It can be free to match your
eye,make you more beautiful.
The Advantages Of Our Eyelashes:
● It has different looks,from wide to narrow fans.Speeding up to process of
applying the lashes.
● Ultra-light weight, superior curl retention with radiant jet-black shine.
● Knot-free, with a very short and thin base almost invisible.
● Full Hand Made, professional designed to look like natural looking,Curled
outwards, achieving a fan effect.
● Volume Lashes are light-weight on the eyes,giving a dramatic and full
look.The advantage of using volume lashes are each cluster of high-quality
lashes to help you to save your application time and give your customers the
full and natural look.
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