In today’s world of advanced technology, you don’t have to live with missing,
damaged or stained teeth. These problems ruin your self-confidence and also
cause problems in chewing.
Dental crowns in Houston, TX, are the best solution for resolving all these
teeth related problems. It improves the tooth structure and your facial
appearance delivering back your beautiful smile. Porcelain crowns are the type
of ceramic which is manufactured by stacking and firing.
Porcelain Dental Crowns
Porcelain dental crown is a cosmetic procedure that uses natural-colored caps
that are placed over the decayed tooth. These crowns are placed over the
affected tooth with the help of dental cement which makes the artificial tooth
strong and gives a natural look.
Refer to Houston dental crowns as soon as possible as the demand for these
dental crowns is increasing rapidly every day because of their bio-compatibility,
strength, life-like translucency, strong mechanical properties, and durability
It is a metal-free restoration hence; it is more beneficial for the people suffering
from metal allergies. It is the best treatment choice for those people who have
grind and clench problems. These dental crowns are also useful for the people
who lost almost all of their teeth due to any traumatic injuries or any severe
enamel erosion.
Types of Dental Crowns
There are various types of dental crowns available in the medical market. Some
of the most common are shown below:
Feldspathic Porcelain
The Empress Crown
Zirconia Crowns
E-Max Crowns
The Procera Crowns
The Lava Crown
The InCeram Crown
Advantages of Dental Crowns
The major and most significant advantage of a dental crown is that it
delivers a natural look. Hence, it is one of the most pleasing cosmetic
procedures as compared to other procedures.
These are ideal for weakened front teeth caused due to decay or trauma or
discolored fillings.
The cement used to place the porcelain crown helps to protect the leftover
of the tooth.
It works comfortably to work together with the remaining healthy teeth
and to hold a denture firmly.
It improves bite problems and meets upper and lower teeth properly.
The problem of a dark line at the edge of the gums is eliminated by these
Porcelain dental crowns produce more pleasing results because of the use
of the most advanced and latest technologies of hot pressing and
Porcelain dental crowns are a bit expensive as compared to other dental options.
The increase in cost is caused due to the high-quality materials used, the time
required for the procedure, and the requirement of a skilled dental expert.
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