Having a good-looking smile is the need of everyone in this world. But due to various
reasons, people are facing problems of losing a tooth. However, there are lots of treatments
available in the medical market to treat these kinds of issues. The best way to deal with tooth
loss is the dental implant procedure.
What are Dental Implants?
A dental implant is a kind of fixture which is fixed inside the jaw bone to replace the natural
teeth with the help of a supporting prosthesis like a crown or fixed or removable dentures.
After the successful placement of dental implants, bone formation starts occurring near the
surroundings of the dental implants. Due to this formation of bone, the firm anchorages and
stability of the artificial tooth increase.
How Do Dental Implant Works?
The durability and longevity of dental implants depend totally upon the formation of direct
contact with the surrounding jaw bone. This entire process is also called as osseointegration.
It ensures that the artificial tooth is restoring optimal functioning by assuring the stability and
retains ability of the prosthesis which is placed over the dental implants.
Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants are gaining huge popularity because of the convenience and durability of this
replacement option for lost teeth. Here are some major benefits of dental implants:
Delivers beautiful smile- Losing a tooth makes you embarrassing and can ruin your
smile. The charming and pleasing dental prosthesis can be placed over the dental
implants to reimpose your attractive and beautiful smile.
Durability and longevity- As compared to dentures and dental bridges, dental
implants are designed to be strong, sturdy and long-lasting. If you take proper care of
your oral health as well as your dental implants as directed by your dental implants
dentist then your dental implants can last for a lifetime.
Minimal requirement of tooth preparation- Dental bridges required a reduction of
the adjacent teeth for the replacement of a single tooth. However, in dental implants,
no reduction of adjacent teeth is needed for the dental implant process. It preserves
the natural tooth structure.
Allowed to eat any food you like- People wearing removable or fixed dentures have
to avoid eating sticky and hard food which means they have to skip many of their
favorite foods. But with the dental implants, you are allowed to eat all kinds of foods
without any fear of breaking or displacing your dental implants.
Comfort- Dental implants are placed inside the jaw bone similar to your natural teeth.
Hence, it delivers the same level of comfort, convenience, and natural feeling as that
of your natural teeth.
Improves oral hygiene- Maintaining oral hygiene around dental bridges is a very
difficult task. However, you can clean your dental implants easily with the help of
brush in the same as you clean your natural teeth.
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