XXI century. InnoVatIons In spInal surgery» InternatIonal - scaf-spb

Important Dates:
Submission of abstracts and
requests for oral papers and posters
Pre-registration of participants
On-site registration
Conference dates
International conference
on spinal surgery.
«XXI Century.
(vertebrology, spinal pathology, diagnosis,
surgical and medicamental treatment of spinal diseases,
June 25 – 28, 2014
All-Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine
n.a. A.M. Nikiforov of EMERCOM of Russia, St Petersburg
ƒƒ Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense,
Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural
ƒƒ Health Committee of St Petersburg
ƒƒ All-Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine
n. a. A. M. Nikiforov of EMERCOM of Russia, St Petersburg
ƒƒ Israel Spine Society
ƒƒ St Petersburg’s Information-Business Centre in Israel
With the support of:
ƒƒ Research Institute of Emergency Medicine
n. a. I. I. Dzhanelidze, St Petersburg, Russia
ƒƒ Research Institute of Emergency Care n. a. N. V. Sklifosovsky,
Moscow, Russia
ƒƒ N. N. Burdenko Neurosurgical Institute, Moscow, Russia
ƒƒ Military Medical Academy n. a. S. M. Kirov, St Petersburg,
ƒƒ Russian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics
n. a. R. R. Vreden, St Petersburg, Russia
ƒƒ St Petersburg Research Institute Phthisiopneumology,
St Petersburg, Russia
ƒƒ Research Center of Neurology, RAMS
ƒƒ The Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
ƒƒ Federal Center of Neurosurgery, Tyumen, Russia
ƒƒ Federal Center of Neurosurgery, Novosibirsk, Russia
Preliminary topics of the conference:
before March 17, 2014
before June 20, 2014
June 25, 2014
June 25–27, 2014
with spinal injuries. Modern technologies of rehabilitation
in spinal patients.
Program Committee:
Dr. Yoram Anekshtein (Tzrifin, Israel),
Dr. Evaldas Chesnulis (Zurich, Switzerland),
Prof. Alexander K. Dulaev (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Andrey A. Gryn (Moscow, Russia),
Prof. Artem O. Guscha (Moscow, Russia),
Dr. Baruch Itzhak (Haifa, Israel),
Dr. Igor Sh. Karabaev (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Yury Sh. Khalimov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Nickolay A. Konovalov (Moscow, Russia),
Dr. Maxim N. Kravtsov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Academician of RAMS Krylov V. V. (Moscow, Russia),
Valery I. Manaschuk (Tyumen, Russia),
Dr. Vadim A. Manukovsky (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Yigal Mirovsky (Tzrifin, Israel),
Prof. Alexander Yu. Mushkin (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Vladimir P. Orlov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Dmitry A. Ptashnikov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Andrey M. Sarana (St Petersburg, Russia),
prof. Naim Shehadeh (Haifa, Israel),
Dr. Irina V. Sidyakina I. V. (Moscow, Russia),
Dr. Andrey V. Trapeznikov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Viktors Vestermanis (Riga, Latvia),
Dr. Ivan V. Volkov (St Petersburg, Russia).
International organizing Committee:
Dr. Alexander K. Bruskin (Haifa, Israel),
Academician of RAMS Boris V. Gaidar (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Igor Sh. Karabaev (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Andrey V. Kochetkov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Valery E. Parfenov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Dzhamil A. Rzaev (Novosibirsk, Russia),
Prof. Victor Yu. Rybnikov (St Petersburg, Russia),
Prof. Albert A. Sufianov (Tyumen, Russia),
Dr. German Yu. Sokurenko (St Petersburg, Russia),
Dr. Semion M. Shapiro (Haifa, Israel).
Degenerative dystrophic diseases of spine and modern trends
in treatment of vertebral pain syndromes. Intraoperative
Conference President:
Sergey S. Aleksanin — The Chief of All-Russian Center
of Emergency and Radiation Medicine n. a. A. M. Nikiforov
of EMERCOM of Russia, Honorary Doctor of Russia, MD,
Topical issues of organization of a specialized care in patients
monitoring and quality control of surgery.
Topic issues of organization of specialized care in patients
with cancer lesions of the spine, spinal cord and its roots.
Spinal surgery and problems of population insenescence.
Osteoporosis from the viewpoint of vertebrologist.
In the framework of the conference there will be:
1. Plenary sessions.
2. Satellite symposias on the following topics:
2.1 Modern trends in interventional treatment
of vertebrogenous pain syndromes.
2.2 Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty in treatment of spinal
diseases and injuries.
2.3 Modern methods of surgical hemostasis and sealing
of scleromeninx in vertebrology.
2.4 High-speed motor systems and other methods
of decompressive resection of bone structures in spine
2.5 Microsurgery and endoscopy in modern vertebrology.
2.6 Navigation systems and intraoperative visualization
in vertebrology.
2.7 Robotics in modern vertebrology.
2.8 Neurophysiological monitoring in spinal surgery.
3. Workshops:
3.1 Radiofrequency denervation and intradiscal puncture
3.2 Transforaminal endoscopic discectomy.
3.3 Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty.
3.4 Modern systems for wound expanders in vertebrology.
3.5 Minimally invasive techniques of fixation and
stabilization of the spine.
4. Round Tables:
4.1 Opportunities of medical tourism in Russia and in Israel. Forms of Participations:
1. Oral Paper
The oral paper duration10 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.
Presentation should be presented by using multimedia projector.
Abstracts are accepted till March 17, 2014.
Working languages: Russian and English.
The Program Committee will consider the application and send
you a notice of the inclusion of your oral paper into the conference
program till April 15, 2014.
2. Publication of Abstracts.
Deadline for abstract submission before March 17, 2014
The abstracts should be presented in Russian or in English in
MS WORD format and should be sent by e-mail to the following
address: [email protected] by separate file attachment.
Abstracts will be refered to the Program Committee. After that
the author will receive notification of acceptance of abstracts.
Abstract guidelines:
„„ Title;
„„ Author’s Name (s);
„„ Name of Organization, City, Country;
„„ Contact information of the authors (Phone, e-mail);
„„ Recommended font is Times New Roman, font size — 12 pt,
single line spacing;
„„ In the case of providing more than one abstracts, they
should be sent separate e-mails and the title of additional
abstracts should be different;
„„ The abstract should not exceed one A4 page;
„„ Page margins should be 2.5 cm each;
„„ Pictures, footnotes, tables and formulas are not accepted
for publication.
3. Poster Session:
Applications for poster presentations are accepted together
with abstracts till March 17, 2014.
Poster guidelines:
Mandatory requirements:
„„ Poster size 84 х 119 cm, orientation «book»;
„„ Title — font size not less than 70 pt;
„„ Author’s names should be put located under the heading;
„„ Basic text of the report — font size not less than 24 pt;
„„ Illustrations (Figures) — format (size) not less than A5
(15x20 cm);
„„ Poster margins should be 4 cm each;
„„ Signatures to drawings and text within diagrams — font
size not less than 20 pt.
Desirable requirements:
„„ Posters background should be light;
„„ Text color should be dark;
„„ Pictures and diagrams should be made in color.
General information:
Conference will be held in the Conference Hall of the All-Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine n. a. A. M. Nikiforov of EMERCOM of Russia, St Petersburg, Opticov street, 54.
Working languages:
Official languages of the conference are Russian and English.
Conference will be simultaneously translated.
In order to become a registered participant of the conference you need to fill out the registration form on the web-site:
Booking and accommodation:
Detailed information about the hotels, conditions of accommodation and costs you can find on the following web-site:
www.scaf-spb.ru after January 10, 2014.
Registration fee for the participant:
Complete registration fee — 9.500 RUR.
Simple registration fee — 4.300 RUR.
Registration fee includes:
Complete registration fee:
„„ participation in scientific sessions
„„ conference kit (conference bag, notebook, pen, badge)
„„ abstracts book
„„ program
„„ certificate
„„ lunches
„„ coffee-breaks
„„ Welcome reception on June 26, 2014
„„ River Walk on June 27, 2014
Simple registration fee:
„„ participation in scientific sessions
„„ conference kit (conference bag, notebook, pen, badge)
„„ abstracts book
„„ program
„„ certificate
„„ coffee-breaks
Accompanying person’s registration fee — 3.500 RUR
Registration fee includes:
„„ Welcome reception on June 26, 2014
„„ River Walk on June 27, 2014
Сancellation of registration fee
Upon the cancellation of the registration fee before May1,
2014 — amount will be refunded after deduction of 15%. In the period from May 1 to June 1, 2014 — amount will be refunded after
deduction of 50%. After June 1, 2014 no refund will be made.
Authorized service-partner of the conference:
«Seminars, Conferences and Forums» Ltd. (SCaF Ltd.),
B. O. Box 9, St Petersburg, 195213, Russia,
Phones: +7–812–943–36–62,
+7–812–339–89–70 (multichannel)
E-mail: [email protected]
Web-site: www.scaf-spb.ru