September 2014 - The International School Eastern Seaboard

International School Eastern Seaboard
September 26, 2014
Dear ISE Community,
As we move toward the end of the first quarter of the school year and our Student Led Conferences on
October 15 and 17, I wanted to bring you up to date on the search for our new school Superintendent.
The process to hire the new Superintendent at ISE began several weeks ago. In meetings with the
Board of Directors, it was decided that we would conduct our own search rather than use an outside
agency. This is the approach we have taken for the last two school head searches.
We have used our contacts in the region to spread the word about the position. We are listing the
position with TIE On-line website which has a worldwide reach. I have notified EARCOS and ISAT
about the opening. There are a number of candidate who have already applied from each of these
We are asking candidates to apply by October 19, 2014. Khun Charlie and I will conduct personal
interviews with the candidates where possible, and Skype interviews otherwise. This process has
already begun. We will also interview at the EARCOS Leadership Conference in Malaysia at the end
of October.
We hope to bring finalist candidates to ISE before the Christmas holidays and will plan a full schedule
of meetings and interviews with all segments of the community. After those visits, the Board will
make the decision on my replacement.
I will write updates on the search as we proceed. I would be happy to chat with anyone about this if
you wish.
Robert Brewitt
Dear Parents,
Thanks for attending the PTA general meeting on Wednesday. It was a pleasure to share the life of
Bonnie Schulz and her family and discuss the great work the PTA has done to support the Bonnie
Schultz Fund.
After School Activities
ASAs are well underway and the children are enjoying their activities. If you have not already paid,
please send your payment to the elementary office as soon as possible.
Conferences and Progress Reports
On Wednesday, October 15 and Friday, October 17, 2014 the Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes will
be holding their first student-led conferences of the year. Pre-Kindergarten will have regular
conferences. If you cannot attend on either the Wednesday or Friday please let the office know. We
hope that you enjoy learning about your child’s progress at school.
MAP Test
The Measure of Academic Progress tests are currently being completed. If you have any questions
about the results please come and see me anytime. Results will be sent home as soon as they are
complete. The tests are taking longer this year as we have moved to a web-based test. We will have
a parent meeting in May to look at student growth from the MAP data.
Class Photos
A letter is in your child’s Friday Folder about class photos. They will take place from October 14-16
this year. Please feel free to have a family shot.
Bake Sale
The PTA is organizing a bake sale for Tuesday, October 30. Please donate some baked goods on
Tuesday morning and don't forget to send small change with your child to purchase some goodies.
Dates to Remember:
Sept 30
Oct 15 & 17
Oct 18-26
ES Birthday Table
Dress down day
Bake Sale
Student led conferences for KG –Grade 6
October Break – No school
Warm regards,
Heather Naro
It has been a busy month for the PTA!
With Family Fun Fair just over 9 weeks away, planning for the day is well underway. Of course, we
always look to our ISE Family for help and would encourage you to speak with any member of the
PTA if you feel you could contribute a little of your time. It is the biggest event in the PTA calendar.
So please consider helping us make it another successful, fun-filled day!
We have all been busy chatting about various ideas and by now you will have received a request for a
favorite recipe which means something to your family. PTA thought it would be fun to have our very
own ISE PTA Cookbook, but we need YOU to help complete our project. If you have not already
done so, please forward your recipe with a photograph of your family and a little explanation of why
it’s a favorite. Attach a photograph of the dish (you can download one from the Internet if it’s easier)
and forward it to [email protected] – thank you!
Next Tuesday, ISEPTA is holding a Bake Sale. This will take place in the music room opposite the
cooking lab. For this Bake Sale we are hoping to receive some home-made cookies, tray-bakes, cakes
or whatever from our Elementary Parents. The sale is open to parents, teachers and students alike.
But why just come and buy, sit down with us and have a coffee and a chat. It would be great to see
Our PTA section of the ISE website is now fully operational. Please take a look and feel free to post
any ideas, suggestions or questions to us at [email protected]
Enjoy the October holiday!
The Student in IB
Student-centered learning is an integral part of the IB program. When learning is student-centered, the
teacher goes beyond just delivering the course content, but looks at the needs of the students and
considers how to make the learning relevant and meaningful to the students. It is also about ownership
of learning. Students are responsible for their own learning and are active in it. What matters is the
interaction between students and teachers. The teacher should engage the students in instruction and
activities that challenge and develop their understanding. The IB program requires the students to
show understanding in order to get good marks, not just remember the facts.
Our IB students in grade 12 are now working on the extended essay, the theory of knowledge essay,
and internal assessment research projects. These types of research assignments require students to
independently develop a methodology to solve a problem and demonstrate sustained, in-depth, and
structured inquiry. This is an essential skill they will need as they progress into a university level
education. This is why independent research skills are a trait valued by universities during the
admissions process. In other words, the work students are doing now will be a strong asset to them in
the future. I wish all of our students success in their research and learning.
Timothy Overacker
IB Diploma Coordinator
September 26, 2014
Dear Elementary and Intermediate School Parents,
The PTA is looking to you for your help. On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 we would like to hold a
Bake Sale and are hoping that you would donate a delicious, sweet and sticky surprise! The proceeds
of the Bake Sale will go towards our plans for 2014/2015 which are noted below:
 The continued development of the Elementary Play Facility right up to Grade 6
 The provision of picnic tables and benches in the upper field area for use by Middle & High School
Students, a place to call their own
 More bleachers in the upper field area
 Bonnie Schultz Fund
Plans and pricing are in progress but our target is a big one!
With your help, we can work together and give our students a fun, relaxing area to enjoy their
Our motto is ‘Back To School’ – what we as Teachers, Parents and Students pay out, goes
straight back in!!
Please help by donating to our Bake Sale. You can drop your goodies on Tuesday morning from 7:30
am to 9:00 am, via your children to the ES MP room. Stay and join us for a coffee and of course
sample what is on offer. We will be there until 1:30 pm! Sales for students will be from 9:50 am to
10:10 am in the ES MP room. Please label your food item along with the container with your child’s
name and grade so that we can return it to you.
Most importantly, don’t forget to send some pocket change with your child on Tuesday so that
they can purchase the baked goods.
Please support our ‘Back To School’ Bake Sale.Your help is very much appreciated!
Student Council News
September 11 - 14, the main Student Council officers as well as a class rep represented ISE by
participating in the 2014 MRISA Leadership Summit held at Northbridge International School
Cambodia (NISC). This year’s MRISA Leadership Summit revolved around the theme of Opportunity
of Equality and requested the representatives of each school to come up with a workshop that could
demonstrate and give insight into the theme. The ISE Student Council decided to host a “Perspective
Monopoly” workshop in which you played monopoly as different stereotypical ethnicities who have
both advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this was to show how different ethnicities may or
may not have the opportunities that others may have.
The ISE Student Council is now currently discussing on the upcoming school wide Spirit
Week which will run from October 6th to the 10th.The purpose of Spirit Week is essentially to show
school spirit by dressing up, each day according to a particular theme. The themes for spirit week are
nerd day, twin day, sports day, pajama day and classy day. Students are encouraged to dress up
accordingly to each day and prizes will be awarded to the classes that have the highest dress up count
in addition to those who went above and beyond the call of duty.
Walk-A-Thon is also coming up which is the annual fund-raising event in which students go
around asking for donations with the incentive of sponsoring the school for doing a round golf-course
walk. The Walk-A-Thon will be on November the 12th and the Student Council is currently designed
the banner that will hang over the assembly in addition to event schedules. The Student Council is also
working out the color code selection for each grade level, this time being more focused on being class
chosen instead of Student Council decided.
Volunteers Needed for Project in the Library
To ensure the best organized accounting of our resources, in the elementary library we are currently
transferring many textbooks from one cataloging, inventory system to a more efficient one.
This project requires a lot of scanning, very similar to the library inventories we conduct each May.
We need workers! No English is required, and feel free to bring a friend to help.
If you have some extra time to scan materials, please contact Mr. Pahls, K.Goong or K.Karn in the
library, or watch in the Friday folders for a sign up sheet. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are days
in particular when some help would be appreciated.
Mr. Pahls
K-12 Librarian
[email protected]
Japanese Luncheon
The Genki restaurant we went to is located in Pattaya Soi 4. The type of food we ate there is called
Chanko nabe. They had many drinks. It took a little longer for the food to be cooked. I was very
hungry by the time it was cooked. The air conditioner had a little problem. We were hot!!  All the
customers in the restaurant at that time were students learning Japanese. We all enjoyed eating Chanko
nabe. The ingredient and the soup in the hot pot were very tasty!
By Wednesday Japanese for non-Japanese club
On the 4th of September 2014, the Japanese Class went to a restaurant in Pattaya called Genki. It was a
small hotpot place near Beach Road with the biggest hotpot you will ever see. The hotpot was
originally for one sumo wrestler. Some of the tables didn’t even finish, only one table finished the
hotpot. For me I would recommend it to others because the hotpot is fantastic even though it’s huge.
Also that waiter are really nice and it feels like a pleasant place to stay.
Max Grade 10
げんきのり ょ う り
九月四日、 日本語ク ラスの学生は日本り ょ う り 屋に行きました。 日本語クラ ス皆は日本人じゃ ないで
すから、 外国人の学生と いっ しょ に食べました。 このレストラ ンの名前は“元気”です。 元気にはちゃ
んこ鍋があり ます。 ちゃんこ鍋を食べたこと がなかっ た人がたく さんがいました。 これは私もはじめ
てです。 いつも私はタイのMKすき焼きをたべますが、 ちゃんこ鍋と すき焼きのちがいがわかり ませ
ん。 だから、 この日は私のあたら しのけいけんです。 ちゃ んこ 鍋の鍋は本当に大きいです!びっ く り
した。 それから、 おでんもあり ました。 ちゃ んこ 鍋が好きです。 でも、 レストランはと ても暑かっ た
です。 ヤバいです!たく さ ん人がいましたから。
この日はたく さんのこと をべんきょ う しました。 やっ ぱり 、 日本語のクラスのフィ ールドトリ ッ プは
いつもおもしろいです。 来年のフ ィ ールドトリ ッ プも楽しみにしています。
Grade 11 ベル