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IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!
IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5
System Administration Core B
IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!
NO.1 Winston's application includes both a custom login portlet and custom authentication filters.
During tests, he requests protected content and observes a pop-up that prompts for his user ID and
password instead of seeing the expected custom login portlet.
What is the most likely cause of this problem?
A. The HTTP Basic Authentication Trust Association Interceptor was configured incorrectly.
B. The wps.Login unique name is not assigned to the page that contains the custom login portlet.
C. The wps.ear security constraint in web.xml was not updated to direct requests to the custom login
D. The custom authentication filter was configured on the Implicit Login rather than on the Explicit
Login filter chain.
Answer: D
NO.2 Sam was asked by a developer to import a page into an existing portal. When he attempts to do
it, the portal reports that it cannot find the item with objectid Z1_MO041380KON2C0A44B4D952004.
In the XML input, he sees the statement:
<web-app action="locate" domain="rel" objectid=,,Zl_MO041380KON2C0A44B4D952004"
What can he conclude?
A. The developer must remove this part from the XML.
B. The wrong action is on the web-app. It must be export.
C. The portlet that Z1_MO041380KON2C0A44B4D952004 defines is not yet installed.
D. He should try to import it again, as it is a two-step process to install a portlet and to update a page.
Answer: B
NO.3 Frank recently tuned the heap size of the IBM WebSphere Portal servers in his environment.
Which event should he monitor to ensure that the tuning is working?
A. that garbage collection takes less than 10% of the time
B. that garbage collection takes more than 20% of the time
C. that no native exceptions occur during the WebSphere Portal server bootstrap
D. that an OutOfMemoryError, if present in the SystemOut.log. does not appear more than twice in a
24-hour period
Answer: C
NO.4 John purchased a version of IBM WebSphere Portal that includes IBM Web Content Manager.
How are the Web Content Manager authoring and web content viewer portlets installed for the first
A. Run theconfigure-wcm-authoring task.
B. The authoring and web content portlets are installed by default.
C. Enable authoring options in the WCMConfigService service by using the IBM WebSphere
Integrated Solutions Console.
D. Select the Web Content Manager feature in Portal Install options when installing WebSphere
Portal from the IBM Installation Manager.
Answer: C
IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!
Reference: http://www01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS3JLV_8.0.0/wcm/wcm_config_prop_authoring.htm
NO.5 Which two fields are optional when creating a virtual portal using the Virtual Portal Manager?
(Choose two.)
A. the title for the new virtual portal
B. a host name for the virtual portal
C. a description of the new virtual portal
D. the initial sub-administrator user group for the virtual portal
E. the default theme that is applied to the pages of the virtual portal
Answer: B,C
NO.6 What happens when the Security Cache times out?
A. The LTPA Token must be recreated.
B. The user will be asked to log in again.
C. The Security Cache will refresh from the new LTPA Token.
D. The Security Cache will refresh from the LTPA Token when using SSO
Answer: C
Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21078845
NO.7 John wants to know how the Garbage Collector of his portal works. Which set of embedded
tools can he use?
A. Portal Monitoring Interface
B. Garbage Collector Analysis
C. Performance GC Collections
D. Performance Monitoring Infrastructure
Answer: A
NO.8 What is the method to change the language of a library?
A. Delete the library, and then, recreate it with the desired language.
B. In the Web Content Libraries portlet, edit the library, and then, select the desired language.
C. Run the ConfigEngine change-library-language -Dlibrary=<library_name>task.
D. In the Authoring Portlet. click Edit Shared Settings, select the library, and choose the desired
Answer: A