PAM-FORMによる フィルムインサート成形プリフォーム時の フィルム

Optimization of printed design in preform for film insert molding using PAM-FORM
PAM-FORM によるフィルムインサート成形プリフォーム時のフィルム印刷形状の最適化
<Name, Affiliation>
Makoto NIKAWA,
Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University
新川 真人, 岐阜大学 工学部
Abstract / アブストラクト
いて,PAM-FORM による予測手法を検討した.プリフォーム時のフィルムのゆがみを計算
The optimization method of the printed design to thin film in the preform for the film insert
molding using PAM-FORM was studied. The printed design was estimated The distortion
of the film in the preform was calculated, and the printed design was estimated by the
inverse analysis of that result. The calculated results of the film distortion nearly
corresponded with the actual results. It was founded that the constitutive equation of film
that expressed a film temperature change and a deformation speed during molding
appropriately was very important for the highly precise prediction.