How long does it take to put braces on

How long does it take to put braces on?
For most of the individuals suffering from problems with teeth alignment, one of the
vital step towards healthier smile is getting braces. Braces are not just helpful in crooked
teeth straightening but several other health issues are also fixed by these such as
overcrowding, under/overbites and even the headaches caused due to tooth pain.
The process of getting braces has become common but most of the people are still
uneasy with it. Several questions arise in their mind such as how long do braces take to
put on? How long does the process hurt etc. If you are also worried as how long to put
braces on and whether the process hurts a lot then here are the solutions for your
queries that will offer an ease to your mind:
How long does it take to put braces on?
On an average, it takes about 1-2 hours in the process. It begin with cleaning of your
teeth and drying by the orthodontist. After that, glue is applied to the teeth for brackets
attachment. Lastly, a wire is placed in the mouth by the dentist so that the brackets are
connected. For securing braces, elastic hands might also be added by the dentist.
Is the process painful and how long to put the braces on?
Getting braces is not a painful process. However, once people get the braces, it is
common to experience discomfort and pain. After week duration, the symptoms of pain
that are most severe usually subside. However, the pain might disappear entirely after
several months.
How long do braces take to put on and do they need adjustments?
Yes, adjustments are there with the progress of treatment. As shifting is there in teeth,
desired adjustments are provided by the orthodontist. The same is true for invisalign as
well. With gradual straightening of teeth, different trays sets are provided by the
In general, for the purpose of adjustments, you will be asked by the doctor to visit every
month at least once. These visits will help the doctor assure that the progress of
treatment is going on properly as desired.
Next steps in getting braces:
People often want to have braces for teeth straightening but are worried for pain and
duration as how long does it take to put braces on. In this case, it is better to ask the
doctor regarding the process and ways to reduce the pain that might occur once you get
braces. You need to clear all the doubts with your orthodontist for getting braces and
get advice for easing pain after the process is over.
The process includes shifting of teeth to their correct original position and therefore
little pain is also there but ways are there to ease it out. So get proper advice from your
dentist as each case is different and require treatment that might vary in duration. The
orthodontist can properly examine your specific case and advice regarding the process
so that you can get that healthy and beautiful smile.