What are the services of an Orthodontist

What are the services of an Orthodontist?
When a person has an uneven tooth line or crooked tooth or any other structural
related problems, then he should immediately consult Orthodontic Care Specialists. He
is a highly qualified and trained person who has enough technical knowhow about these
People have already made an image of an orthodontist in their mind. According to it, he
is a person who is concerned with correcting the teeth of a person by applying braces to
them. You will be surprised to know that there are various other services offered by him
as well.
Braces – One of the most important treatment procedures that Orthodontic Experts is
consulted for is applying braces to a patient’s teeth. They are used to align and
straighten the teeth with the help of wires, bands and brackets. Braces are prescribed to
give a better smile to the patient.
Space Maintainers – There are many kids who losses their tooth fast and at an early age
as compare o the other people. In this case, space maintainers are used by the
orthodontist to avoid the neighboring teeth in overgrowing over the place of other
teeth and maintaining a good space in between.
Aligners – Just like the braces, aligners too help in aligning and straightening the teeth
suffering from open bites, overbites, under bites, crowded teeth and cross bites. Also
known as invisalign, aligners are clear teeth fitted equipment that fits on the surface of
the teeth by the Dental Orthodontics. It is involved in applying pressures of the teeth by
giving them a perfect smile.
Jaws RepositioningTreatment – These are also called as splints. These are used with the
motive to re position or adjust the upper and lower jaws. This procedure is undertaken
to enable a natural jaw functioning.
Cheek and Lip Bumpers – There are some people who are suffering from excruciating
pains due to their cheek and lips exerting pressure on their teeth line. This process is
done by the Ivanov Orthodontics in order to maintain a safe distance between the
cheeks and lips from the teeth.
Palatal expander – A palatal expander is commonly used to widen the upper jaw curve.
It is basically a plastic tray which gets perfectly fitted on the upper roof of your mouth.
This treatment option is used to give a better alignment to the joints and bones of the
Headgear – This is an orthodontist advanced treatment procedure. In this procedure, a
strap called head gear is placed on the backside of the head. There is a metal wire
attached in the front portion of the mouth. Headgear will ensure that the teeth of the
patient are positioned at the right place and fits perfectly inside the jaws.
So these were the various treatment procedures offered by an Affordable Orthodontic
Care. We hope this information was helpful for you and you can understand the
relevance of various dental procedures undertaken here.
You can search for various Orthodontist Around Me for availing these services at the
best rates. All the best!