Mosquito net

A common enemy of our homes, persistent and relentless; unwanted trespassers
bringing disease and illness, presenting all kinds of potential threats to your
Mosquitos pose the biggest threat as being carriers of some potentially lifethreatening diseases. There are various species and each carry different
diseases, such as Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and the West Nile Virus.
Carriers of these particular deadly diseases exist primarily in Africa, Asia and
some parts of the Middle East.
But while the rest of the world faces a low risk of exposure to these diseases,
some species are notorious for sneaking into countries unnoticed until it's too
late. So, you can never be too concerned in being vigilant with the threat.
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Flies may seem like a low risk of disease transmission compared to mosquitos,
but flies can carry a host of illnesses and bacteria like food poisoning. They also
pick up pathogens from faeces, trash and spoiled food and leave these germs
behind wherever they land. In addition they may also transmit the eggs of
parasitic worms.
So they more than just a buzzing nuisance. Though that in itself is enough to
motivate anyone to take action to prevent their presence in the home.
The same can be said for mosquitos with their high-pitched buzzing and itching
bites, enough to drive anyone crazy and keep them awake at night. Many
people also have severe reactions to the bite itself resulting in painful swelling
and even heart complication in the most severe cases.
Half of all mosquito bites occur through clothing. So even in the cooler months
of autumn, if you are wearing longer layers, you are still an attractive meal to
these vicious insects.
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There are a number of precautions you can take. To restrict the breeding of
mosquitos around your home, you should limit the presence of standing and
stagnant water in the house and garden. Even a bucket, flower-pot or bird bath
can be a potential breeding ground for mosquitos.
If you live near a water source like a stream or lake, there is little you can do to
stop the breeding. But sprays, incense and candles are must-haves to consider to
help you ward off mosquitos and flies.
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Screens and mosquito nets for your windows and doors are an important barrier
against these insects and should be present in any home where mosquitos are a
threat. Investing in a quality screen can help guard your home and give longlasting protection.
There are many screen options, and with sturdy and durable steel mesh varieties
now available, these can take away your worry of needing frequent screen door
repair, particularly in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where the heat can
damage cheaper quality screens. You home will always be protected.
So stay safe and keep those pesky and dangerous biters and buzzers out.