Veins diseases are increasing day by day. Women get more affected by these diseases as
compared to men. And the reason behind this difference is the responsibilities. Women have
more responsibilities as compared to men which lead to seeking treatment. It is very bad
news because most of the people simply ignore these diseases which can cause more severe
complications. You must visit a vein center at an early stage to avoid these severe
The most common veins diseases are varicose veins and spider veins disease. These are
mostly cosmetic issues. Spider veins are normal, but varicose veins are more severe. Varicose
veins can lead to severe vein diseases that may be cured by some of the American vein
centers. It can also lead to various serious health issues like diabetes and heart diseases.
Luckily, treatments for varicose veins are available at the vein care center. The selection
among these treatment methods depends upon the severity of the disease. However, the most
common and most effective treatment method is laser ablation therapy. Laser ablation
therapy is performed in the various laser and vein center.
Symptoms of Veins Diseases
If you feel any of these symptoms in your body then immediately visit a vein laser clinic for
the best possible treatment.
Heaviness and pain in legs.
Burning sensations, throbbing, swelling, and cramping in the legs.
Not able to sit or stand for a long period of time.
Itching around the veins.
Skin ulcers near to your ankles and lower part of the legs.
Laser Treatment
The center for vein restoration will guide you with the vein’s issues and possible
treatments. However, laser treatment is the best option for the treatment of veins diseases.
In the procedure of laser treatment, the affected vein is given local anesthesia. Then a slender
laser fiber will be inserted inside your affected vein using tiny incisions. This laser fiber will
deliver laser energy in a short pulse.
These short pulses will seal the vein and block the flow of blood. And the blood will be
redirected to the other healthier veins. After completion of the procedure, the fiber optic will
be removed.
It is a minimal discomforting and painless procedure. It doesn’t require any recovery time.
You can immediately resume your work after the completion of the treatment procedure. But
you need to take certain precautions as advised by your vein specialist.
You need to wear compression stockings in your leg for at least a week or two. You can start
to walk soon after your treatment procedure and resume normal activities. However, gyms
and other strenuous exercises should be avoided for some days.
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