Varicose veins, what treatment should I choose

Varicose veins, what treatment should I choose?
More than 60 percent of women and 40 percent of men end up suffering from some
type of venous problem, with varicose veins being the most recognized. It consists of
a dilation of the veins, due to the weakness in the walls and valve dysfunction. The
veins dilate and stop fulfilling their mission , that of making the blood return to the
heart, because their valves stop closing properly and the flow reverses: they appear
edema, swelling, and if the problem is serious, phlebitis or ulcers. So timely solution
like Clarivein for spider veins is must on time. Is Clarivein safe? If this is question
in your mind the answer is yes.
Varicose veins, what treatment should I choose?
What treatments exist? Based on his experience with all possible techniques to treat
varicose veins, the expert selects some options, either as isolated techniques or, in
many cases, combined with each other:
Foam Clarivein: It consists of the injection of a sclerosing agent (chemical irritant)
into the vein, either in the form of liquid or micro foam, whose mission, by irritation
of the inner layer of the vein, is to produce an occlusion of it.
Clarivein treatment is a procedure consisting in the introduction of a catheter into
the main vein on which varicose veins depend (internal saphenous vein or,
occasionally, external saphenous vein), which progresses to the groin and is later
removed by combining a mechanical rotation effect and chemical action of a
sclerosing agent. Its main advantage is speed, since it is very common to eliminate the
saphenous axis treated in a single session, which significantly shortens the duration of
Clarivein recovery.
Like sclerotherapy with micro foam, it is also ambulatory, does not require recovery
and is performed under local anaesthesia. The effect of the rotation of the catheter and
the micro foam that is released, produce hardly any discomfort, except for a slight
tingling in the path of the vein that is being treated.
In this procedure, apart from the treatment with the Clarivein procedure, are
included the subsequent sessions of sclerosis with micro foam that are necessary to
eliminate the rest of varicose collaterals that do not disappear in the initial session.
How much is Clarivein: If you want to know how much is Clarivein then need not
to worry. This treatment is not very costly. No special care after Clarivein is
Clarivein side effects:
 Allergic reactions can arise because of the injected solution.
 Ulceration of the skin, inflammation and discoloration are also possible side
effects. An experienced doctor, who has received specialized training, should
be the most appropriate, so that you can avoid this type of complications.
 There are also treatments that do not involve surgical methods such as with the
use of compression stockings.
 These compression stockings can provide relief from the pain caused by
swollen and twisted veins, so it would be best to put them in the morning,
before the veins swell.
 You will not be able to permanently treat varicose veins with this treatment, but
it will not give you any side effects.
 These treatments for varicose veins are the most used.