Removed spider veins do not reappear

Removed spider veins do not reappear
The spider veins, in medicine known by the name of telangiectasias, are dilatations of
blood vessels found in the outermost part of the epidermis, which can be seen by the
naked eye through the skin. They do not suppose any clinical problem, but merely
aesthetic. It is due to an increase in blood pressure located in a small network of
capillaries and causing its expansion.
There are several risk factors that can be at the origin of the appearance of spider veins
and that undoubtedly contribute to worsen them. The most important are obesity and
sedentary lifestyle, as well as the exercise of professions that involve standing for a long
time. Also, in the case of women, hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy and
menopause, as well as taking oral contraceptives, favor the worsening of these dilations
of capillaries.
There are different ways for Best Treatment For Spider Veins, but the laser is the most
used. For this, foam of a substance called polidocanol is introduced into the capillaries,
whose function is to enhance the optical properties of the laser used and thus obtain
maximum efficiency. Normally a single session with Best Vein Doctor Near Me is
required to eliminate spider veins, although depending on the type of treatment may be
needed more. These will not appear again, although it is possible that new ones will
emerge as long as the risk factors are maintained.
After the intervention, it is usually necessary to use anti-inflammatories during the first
24 hours. You should also use creams that contain heparin for about a month, during
which time the area in which the vascular spider was removed should not be exposed to
the sun.
What types of surgery treat varicose veins?
Vein Clinics Near Me doctor or nurse can recommend surgery for very large or severe
varicose veins. The types of surgery for varicose veins include: Ambulatory phlebectomy
The surgery removes the varicose veins that are just below the surface of the skin. The
doctor makes small incisions in the skin and uses hooks to remove the veins from the
legs. The doctor usually removes the vein in a treatment and leaves tiny scars. Most
people can resume their normal activities the day after treatment. The blood will normally
circulate through healthy veins.
Ligation and venous excision, this surgery is performed on the larger varicose veins.
With this treatment, the problematic veins in the legs are ligated and removed through
small incisions in the skin. The recovery can take up to a month. The blood will normally
circulate through healthy veins.
How do compressions stockings help treat varicose veins or Spider Vein Treatment
The compression stockings press the veins, which increases the blood flow of your legs.
There are three types of compression stockings:
Compression pantyhose, which exert a minimum pressure
They are sold in most stores.
Over-the- counter compression stockings, which exert a little more pressure around the
foot, ankle, and lower leg, where pressure is more necessary to return blood to the heart.
They are sold at medical supply stores and some pharmacies.