A detail about varicose veins and its treatment

A detail about varicose veins and its
Sometimes only pose an aesthetic problem and others cause real pain in
the legs. Be that as it may, the appearance of varicose veins results in a
chronic vein problem that, despite having a benign character, must be
monitored. In addition, there are easy guidelines to reduce them.
What are varicose veins?
They constitute the most frequent vascular (blood circulation) disease. It
is an abnormal dilation of the veins, usually those of the legs (but can
affect other areas), due to the excessive accumulation of blood inside.
The cause is a weakness of the walls of the veins and the valves
responsible for the passage of blood through the bloodstream.
Although they are more associated with mature women, varicose veins
can also be seen in men, increasing their frequency with age due to the
aging process.
How can they affect?
They do not usually cause serious problems, unless they are extreme
cases with the appearance of numerous varicose veins and large. But the
discomfort can be quite disabling, causing the person to see his quality
of life diminished by the pain and the feeling of heaviness, mainly.
If they become complicated, dermatitis-like skin, ulcerations and even
blood clots may appear that will require specific medical treatment.
How can they be prevented?
In summer look for cool places. The heat increases the dilation of
the vessels, which is why they get worse during this time. And it is
better to avoid the sun. Vascular Doctor Near Me also recommended
this Spider Veins Cure.
Avoid sources of heat, such as too hot showers, hot wax , stoves
and radiators located too close to the legs or clothes that do not sweat .
Do more exercise and not stay fixed in the same position for a long
time and, if possible, do not cross your legs or bend them.
Avoid wearing tight clothing, especially those that compress the
legs and waists they hinder venous return. Very high heels are also
How are varicose veins treated?
They do not require complicated therapies but easily solve by
Endovenous Laser Therapy. In fact, it is usually enough to change the
habits of life to relieve discomfort, prevent possible complications and
improve their physical appearance.
The regular exercise, as well as an excellent preventative measure,
improve varicose veins if they have already appeared.
Put your legs up (above the level of the heart) when you are
The compression stockings have great benefits, especially for those
who must spend long periods of time standing. The doctor will indicate
which is the most appropriate in each case because there are several
types depending on the pressure to exercise and the height at which it is
convenient to take them (pantyhose, stocking ...).
Medical treatments for varicose veins
There are medical procedures that eliminate varicose veins or block
them so they do not progress. Each case must be studied individually to
determine which technique is the most appropriate. The most common
The sclerotherapy: a substance is injected into the veins that
The Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure, which closes varicose
veins with laser or radiofrequency.
The phlebotomy removes them with a small needle.
The Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment.