Benefits of liposuction in our body

Benefits of liposuction in our body
Abdominal liposuction is a method of getting rid of fat from the waist
and abdomen area. Body Liposuction Houston TX is an increasingly
popular way to get rid of a large stomach. However, this is not a
substitute for a healthy diet and physical activity. On the contrary,
sucking belly fat requires a patient to pay more attention to a healthy
lifestyle. Abdominal liposuction can help people who are trying to
shed unnecessary fat, but due to their genetic predisposition they
cannot do it.
1. Abdominal liposuction - characteristics
Abdominal liposuction is the Fat removal around the waist. This
treatment consists in breaking down and removing fat from the
abdomen permanently. Remember that removing belly fat with this
method will prevent fat from appearing more in the places from which
it was sucked out. It can be both an advantage and a disadvantage - if
the person after the liposuction of the abdomen gains weight, the fat
will appear around the places from which it was removed.
It may, therefore, result in an unsightly appearance. The disadvantage
of the abdominal liposuction is also the fact that after sucking up belly
fat the condition of the skin often leaves much to be desired. It can
adapt to the new silhouette, it can also start to create unsightly skin
You can deal with them using abdominal lifting, i.e. surgical
stretching of the skin and removal of excess. Body Contouring
Houston is not a way to become obese. It works best for people with
a slight overweight who cannot cope with fat on the stomach.
Abdominal liposuction helps to shape your figure - but it will not
change her drastically.
2. Liposuction of the abdomen - contraindications
Abdominal liposuction cannot be performed in a few cases.
Contraindications to abdominal liposuction:
Desire to get pregnant;
Abnormal blood clotting;
3. Abdominal liposuction - a description of the procedure
Under general anaesthesia, by small (1.5-2.5 mm) incisions, a fat
suction tube is inserted under the skin. First it "melts" and breaks up
adipose tissue, after which it is sucked into a special container.
Draining belly fat takes 2-6 hours. You can suck up no more than
about 4 litters of fat at a time. Body Contouring Houston can be
performed using various methods. Here they are:
dry abdominal liposuction - an unused method, as quite a lot of
blood was sucked out of the fat, which was dangerous for patients;
Wet abdominal liposuction - also the currently unused method
of liposuction, despite the loosening of tissues, the amount of sucked
blood was also too high;
abdominal super-liposuction - performed under general
anaesthesia, its effectiveness is better than the two above methods,
however the patient still loses blood during suction;
WAL abdominal liposuction - this is abdominal liposuction
using a strong stream of water, it does not destroy fat cells, which can
be used later for reimplantation;
Tumescent abdominal liposuction - this method limits the
amount of blood loss during surgery;
Ultrasound Abdominal Liposuction - uses ultrasound waves to
break up fatty tissue;
Liposuction of the abdominal laser - the laser breaks up the fatty
tissue, after which it is sucked out.