Advances and trends in cosmetic surgery

Advances and trends in cosmetic surgery
42% of cosmetic surgery operations performed in different countries is successful. There
is a number of Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center which is well known because of their
best services. These centers have expert for the Cosmetic Surgery.
Aesthetic surgery, like other human activities, is subject to changes and new trends that,
in some way, are revolutionizing this world and keeping it in the place it has always had,
at the forefront of medical and aesthetic progress. Cosmetic Surgery Center is great
way to improve the look of body.
Express recoveries
 For years, one of the characteristics of this type of intervention is to simplify
several of its most common procedures, since women, like men, cannot be absent
from work for a long time.
 Modern methods of surgery include less invasive procedures that decrease the
time of surgery and recovery, which only treat the necessary structures and with
the minimum possible trauma, all using instruments designed for it.
 It is important to emphasize that these minimally invasive techniques are ideal for
certain patients and specific cases and do not necessarily substitute conventional
techniques as another tool at the service of aesthetics. Houston Body Liposuction
is useful in many manners.
 Among the most common aesthetic procedures and in which we are developing
this type of intervention, we highlight surgery for facial aging, nose, eyelids and
liposuction of certain areas.
The new techniques of liposuction
Improving systems and equipment have achieved not only more optimal and faster results
and a shorter recovery time. Full Body Liposuction before and After result is different
in case of different patients.
Two new techniques have made this advance possible:
 Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to break down the body's fat cells,
leaving tissues, nerves and blood vessels almost intact. Furthermore, with this
technique, inflammation decreases, bruises disappear and postoperative pain is
 Vibro-liposuctionIt uses a mechanism that generates a reciprocating (forward and
backward) high-speed movement of the cannels (liposuction tubes) with which the
fat is extracted. This is very useful for the surgeon, since it is used in patients who
have already undergone liposuction procedures and who have generated fibroses:
an internal scar tissue that makes it difficult for the cannulas to pass through. With
the vibroltposuctor, the trauma of the tissues is reduced causing less inflammation
and less pain in the postoperative period.
The future
Stem cell therapies are the medical breakthrough of the early twenty-first century, and
have been used in cosmetic surgery for about 15 years.
In the future we will not have to choose a breast implant to improve Houston Beauty or
perform the current interventions to rejuvenate the face, because through the technique
known as lip filling can increase the volume of a part of the body using fat obtained from
a liposuction.
One of the most amazing novelties that will occur with the advance in the research of
stem cells will be the creation of fat banks to perform aesthetic operations.