Advantages and disadvantages of Cheek Reduction Surgery

Advantages and disadvantages
Reduction Surgery (bichectomy):
The bichectomy consists of a cosmetic surgery treatment that is based
on the extraction of the Bichat balls, Cheek Reduction also known
as fat bags, making the rounded appearance of the face by bulging
cheeks disappear immediately. However, there are several advantages
and disadvantages obtained in this procedure, of which the following
are cited:
Advantages of bichectomy:
 It is a non-painful process: This aesthetic treatment only
amounts to an estimated time of 45 minutes, being completely
favourable for those who want fast and completely effective
results. Local anesthesia is used, making the pain minimal.
 Its duration is permanent: Unlike conventional aesthetic
treatments, this is one of those that show permanent results, that
is, for a lifetime. With this process, the features tend to change
instantaneously making the face look finer and more stylized.
 It's not complicated: This process is really simple. Once the
Cheek Reduction Surgery is over, with 2 days of rest you will
get back to the daily routine and all the activities without
problems and the best part is that it does not usually leave scars.
 It can be done to men and women: This intervention can be done
without limitation of sex, as well as it is very sought after by
women, men are not left behind when appearance and a good
smile is involved.
 The results are instantaneous: The results are obtained once the
surgery ends. However, at the beginning changes may not be
reflected by the inflammation seen in the cheeks, but once it is
deflated, the modifications will be visible and definitive.
Disadvantages of bichectomy:
 Aesthetic inconformity: This is one of the disadvantages that
can commonly appear after surgery, because in many cases you
did not expect the change to be so minimal or so abrupt; for
which many opinions are expected but mainly that of the
 Prolonged inflammation: The surgery wound can often become
long lasting, which means that there is a greater chance of
alterations in the skin of the incision and it may be due to the
excess of manipulation that originates after the consumption of
food that is not suitable for the postoperative period or the
consumption of non-permitted substances such as tobacco.
 Injury of facial vessels : In many of the cases, the anatomical
variants of each patient may be present and injure some branch
of the nerves in the area, as happens with the facial nerve may
be the case, allowing paresis or parenthesis of the muscles from
that region and can even affect the sensitivity of the whole area.
 Bruising in the region: Another of the disadvantages that can
happen with bichectomy aesthetic surgery are the hematomas
that appear days after the technique is performed, as
a consequence of the manipulation of the area and its adjacent
The disadvantages can vary in intensity and each of them must be
accompanied by a specific management in order to make it last as
little as possible and bring the least amount of possible consequences.
The surgeon for bichectomy can also do the treatment of Arm
and Abdominal Liposuction.