Causes and treatment of back pain issue

Causes and treatment of back pain issue
Low back pain differs from one person to the other. The pain may be progressive or
come on suddenly; it can be intermittent or constant. In most cases, low back pain
goes away in a few weeks.
There are many causes of low back pain. Sometimes it happens after a specific
movement like lifting something or leaning. Even aging causes many back problems.
As we age, our columns age with us. The passage of time causes degenerative changes
in the spine. These changes can start at age 30 - or earlier - and can make us prone to
low back pain, especially if we overdo our activities.
These changes due to aging, however, do not prevent people from living productive
lives and, usually, without pain. We have all seen the 70-year-old marathoner who,
without a doubt, has degenerative changes in her back!
In general, treatment by Back Spine Specialist for low back pain falls into one of
three categories: medication, physiatrist and surgery.
Non-surgical treatment
Medicines. Several medications ad suggested by Best Doctor for Lower Back Pain
can be used to help relieve your pain.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen reduce pain and
Narcotic pain medications, such as codeine or morphine, can help.
Steroids taken orally or injected into your spine deliver a high dose of antiinflammatory.
Surgery: Surgery by Low Back Pain Doctor for low back pain should be considered
only when non-surgical treatment options were performed and failed. It is better to
treat non-surgical options for 6 months to a year before considering surgery.
In addition, surgery should be considered only if your Neck and Shoulder Pain
Doctor can pinpoint the cause of your pain. Surgery is not the last treatment option
"when all else fails".
Vertebral fusion: This is essentially a "welding" process. The basic idea is to fuse the
painful vertebrae so that they heal in a single solid bone.
Spinal fusion eliminates movement between the vertebral segments. It is an option
when movement is the cause of pain. For example, your Doctor for Back Muscle
Pain may recommend a spinal fusion if you have spinal instability, a bad curvature
(scoliosis), or a severe degeneration of one or more of your discs. The theory is if the
vertebral segments do not move, they should not hurt.
The fusion of the vertebrae in the lumbar part of the spine has been done for decades.
Many surgical techniques have evolved. The screws, rods or a "cage" are used to keep
your spine stabilized while the bone graft heals. The surgery by Top Rated Back
Surgeons is done through your abdomen, usually in the last two discs of the spine.
We cannot avoid the natural wear of our columns that happens over the years.
However, there are things we can do to lessen the impact of lower back problems.
Having a healthy lifestyle is a good start.
Combine aerobic exercises, such as walking or swimming, with specific exercises to
keep the muscles of your back and abdomen strong and flexible.
Proper posture
Good posture as suggested by Neck And Spine Doctor is important to avoid future
problems. A therapist can teach you how to stand, sit and lift things safely.