Back and lower back pain specialist

Today, you can see that most of the people are suffering from some kind of back pain at a
time in their life. Exercise or body work is the most common; however, sometimes it is a sign
of a more serious health condition. The next section will explore some of the most frequent
conditions that can cause back pain.
Lumbar Discomfort:
Pain or discomfort of
the lower back is one of
the most common types
of back pain. The
lumbar spine is the
lower part of the back.
The malaise in this
region frequently goes
without treatment in a
few days or a week. The
common causes are: bad
posture, lifting heavy
things and tension. Most
episodes of back pain last a few days and resolve completely within a few weeks. If you have
back pain again you should consult your Chronic Pain Dr to see if you need a new
If you experience any pain in your lower spine, start keeping a journal of your pain and the
activities you are involved in when the pain starts and call to make an appointment. The diary
information will be very useful for your Degenerative Osteoarthritis Doctor and will help
in the diagnosis and treatment of your back pain.
Herniated disc:
If the herniated disc is in the lower back you can have pain that radiates from this area to your
thighs and legs. If the herniated disc is in the upper part of the back or cervical spine, the pain
will radiate to your shoulders and arms.
If you feel pain when you bend your waist or bend over, it may be a sign of a herniated disc.
The disks of the spine are located between the vertebrae (which are the bony blocks of the
spine). The disc has a design similar to a circular pie with a gelatinous filling and a firm
exterior. In a healthy column each disc remains in place between each vertebra. When a disc
is displaced or worn out due to an aging process, it can irritate a critical nerve inside or
outside the spine. The pain may be intermittent and have varying degrees of severity, but the
sooner this type of pain is diagnosed and treated by Hip Doctor For Bursitis, the better the
outcome for the patient will be.
Lumbar Joint Pain:
Osteoarthritis is a fairly
common cause of pain in
the lower back and is
caused by the breakdown
of the cartilage (tissue
that covers the joints at
the end of the bones).
Symptoms consist of
gradual increase in pain
and numbness (stiffness).
numbness occur after
periods of inactivity.
Later the pain is worsened by physical activity or by sitting for prolonged periods.
Hip Bursitis and its solution:
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