Back pain is becoming a common disease nowadays. Many people have complaints of back
pains due to different reasons. Back pain can occur due to any injury, activity or some
medical conditions. It can affect the people of any age mostly the old aged. Because as the
people gets older the chances of lower back pain increases due to a job or degenerative disc
disease. Visit the back pain doctor NJ for the best treatment.
Lower back pain is linked to discs between vertebrae, disc spinal cords, the skin around the
lumbar area, lower back muscles, ligaments around the spine and disc, and bony lumbar
spine. However, pain in the upper back may be caused due to tumors in the chest, aorta,
and spine inflammation. Get instant relief from a back pain doctor Clifton NJ.
The human back is composed of ligaments, discs, muscles, tendons, and bones. These parts
work together to support the human body and allow you to move. The spine is cushioned
with cartilage which looks like pads called disks. This type of pain cannot be treated by any
normal pain doctor NJ.
If any problem occurs in any of these components then you may suffer from severe back
pain. In various cases, the cause of back pain cannot be identified by any of the tests. This
disease can result from strain, poor posture, and severe medical conditions. To reduce the
risk visit a doctor for back pain Clifton NJ.
1. Strain: Back pain mainly arises due to strain, tension, or injury. The recurring causes
of back pain include muscle spam, damaged disk, strained muscle or ligaments,
muscle tension, injuries, falls, and fractures. Strain mostly arises due to lifting
something in an improper way or lifting too heavyweight.
2. Structural Problems: Various structural problems may also lead to back pain. Some
of them are as follows:
 Ruptured disk causing more pressure on a nerve which results in severe back
 Bulging disk similar to a ruptured disk resulting more pressure on a nerve.
 Sciatica causing pressure on the nerve due to a herniated disk. The pain
travels from buttock to down the back of the leg.
 Arthritis causing pain in joints of hips, lower back, and other places. Also
called by the name of spinal stenosis.
 Abnormal curvature of the spine in which the spine curves in an abnormal
way resulting in back pain. For example, scoliosis in this spine curves to the
 Osteoporosis causing compression fractures due to brittle and porous bones.
 Kidney problems such as kidney infection causing severe back pain.
3. Movement and Posture: Back pain also arises from everyday activities and poor
posture such as coughing or sneezing, over-stretching, pushing, lifting, pulling or
carry something, twisting, muscle tension, standing or sitting for long periods, long
driving without break, sleeping on mattresses, straining the neck forward for longer
periods while using computer or driving, etc.
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