Non-surgical Weight loss Treatment methods

Non-surgical Weight loss Treatment methods
Staying in shape and having a contoured body is a dream that many people have. There
are those that would go for surgery just to get their dream body. However, there are
people who want to get a contoured shape but do not want to go through surgery. Most
people prefer to use the Non Surgical Fat Reduction method because they are less
invasive and have few side effects. If you are in the last category, then you need not
worry. There are numerous Non Invasive Fat Reduction alternatives that you can use.
Here are just some of the nonsurgical options at your disposal.
Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG)
The procedure is one of the Non Surgical Fat Removall treatment procedures. The
procedure involves inserting a tube to the patient’s throat. The procedure does not
require any incisions. It works by shrinking the volume of the stomach. The treatment
procedure is safe and is effective for people who are not candidates for surgery. The
procedure is suitable for patients with BMI of 30 and 40.
Gastric balloons
You can also go for gastric balloons to help which is one of the Latest Fat Reduction
Treatments with your weight loss problem. The devices are placed in the stomach and
they are left there for six months. The balloons give illusion fullness since they occupy a
lot of space. Thus it causes you to take less food. The non-surgical treatment method
allows you to control your food portions. If you are committed to exercising, healthy diet
and lifestyle changes, then you can use this method to lose weight. Shedding off excess
weight will boost your self-confidence and improve your physique. The treatment method
can also lower your risk of heart disease. There are different kinds of gastric balloon
procedure; they include reshape, orbera and obalon.
3D liposuction
The 3D liposuction is yet another Non Invasive Fat Removal Treatment procedure. It
is a safe procedure that involves fat cell destruction. The options available are 3D
shockwave cellulite removal, cryolipolysis, and ultrasound cavitation. The procedures
are done in less than 45 minutes. There is no anesthesia required. The recovery is
immediate. Some of the side effects of the procedure are bruising, sensitivity, and
Aspire assist
The device was approved by the food and drugs act (FDA) in 2016 as a weight loss
device. A tube is connected to an external port which is attached to the skin. You have
to connect the device to the port about 20 minutes after eating and turn on the valve. The
valve will start the aspiration process. The contents of the stomach will be sucked out in
just ten minutes after using the device. Some of the side effects of the procedure are
isolated cases, pneumonia, bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, nausea and in
serious cases it can lead to death.
These are just some of the Non Surgical Weight Loss Procedures that you can choose
to lose weight. You do not have to undergo surgery using any of the above treatment