Non invasive Fat Reduction Methods

Non invasive Fat Reduction Methods
Are you in search for the non surgical fat reduction procedures but you do not know
how to go about it? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are just some of the
common non invasive fat reduction treatment methods at your disposal.
On top of the list on the non surgical fat reduction near me is coolsculpting. The
procedure uses non invasive technology to dismantle fat cells. A cupped device is put on
top of the skin and on the area being treated. The device transmits cool temperatures that
freeze the cells and eventually destroy them. The tissue, skin and muscles freeze at the
low temperatures. The tissue do not get harmed in the process. Coolsculpting fat
removal is also known as cryolipolysis. Some of the facts that you need to know about
the procedure is that it is FDA approved for outer thighs, hips, upper arms, under the chin
and under the buttock. You will start to notice results in one month. You can maintain
results by looking for how to weight loss.
Red light therapy
Red light therapy is also one of the best non invasive fat removal procedures. Some of
the side effects that you will get from the procedure are redness, mild swelling, and
tingling. There are serious side effects but they are rare. Most patients get satisfactory
result in 1 to 2 treatments. You will see final results within one month.
Laser treatment
The laser treatment non invasive fat removal works by dismantling subcutaneous fat
using heat. Laser heat is passed through the skin and breaking down the cells. The
procedure is also FDA cleared and it is painless. The treatment time lasts for 25 minutes
for each area being treated. You will see noticeable results in six weeks and final results
in 12 weeks.
Injectable deoxycholic acid
Injectable deoxycholic acid as a non surgical weight loss works by breaking down fat in
the body. It is injected and can be used to reduce double chin. However, you have to go
for multiple injections. The injections take about 20 minutes and you will be placed under
local anaesthesia. You can return to your regular activities in two days. To get the
effective results, you need to go for the two to four treatments with one month space in
between treatments. Some of the side effects are redness, mild swelling, numbness and
bruising. Serious side effects are prolonged numbness, facial weakness but they go away
on their own.
Ultrasound fat reduction
The ultra sound fat reduction method uses sonic waves to break down the fat cells to
reduce the size of the fat deposits. It is suitable for use in flanks and abdomen. It is non
invasive but you have to go for one to three treatments within a spacing of two weeks
Red light therapy
Red light therapy is the newest technology to be approved by FDA for non surgical fat
reduction. It uses red light therapy to reduce subcutaneous fat cells.