Common Side Effects of Cool Sculpting

Common Side Effects of Cool Sculpting
Cool sculpting is a medical procedure used to remove excess fat under the skin. There
are many benefits of using this method for those Who Can Get Coolsculpting, but there
an also side effects that you should know. The procedure is done by a licensed
practitioner. The practitioner uses a special tool to cool the affected areas to freezing
temperature. The procedure kills the cells in the areas under treatment. The cells die
within just a few weeks after the procedure. The cells are then flushed out of the body
through the liver. The method has been certified as a safe treatment method. Here are
the common Coolsculpting Side Effectsof the procedure that you need to be aware of.
Stinging or pain
One of the common side effects of the procedure is pain or stinging at the treatment site.
The pain begins immediately after the treatment. The pain can also occur up to the second
week after going through the treatment. The old temperatures used in the procedure make
the tissue to become and thus make them become exposed and cause the stinging or pain.
However, the pain will only last for three to eleven days and go away.
Tugging sensation
The other side effect that you will experience is a tugging sensation. The practitioner
places a roll of fat between cooling panels on the affected area. It can lead to tugging
sensation that lasts for about two hours. The procedure takes two hours, so you will only
experience this side effect at the treatment site.
Paradoxical adipose
The paradoxical hyperplasia is one of the rare Coolsculpting Complications; it mostly
occurs in men. It occurs when the fat cells grow bigger and smaller when undergoing the
treatment. The side effect does not disappear on its own. Therefore, you may have to ask
the practitioner if there is any treatment you can undergo to correct this side effect.
Temporary redness
The other side effect that you can also experience temporary redness, skins sensitivity,
bruising and swelling. These side effects are caused by cold temperatures. They will
disappear within a few weeks after the treatment. The side effect occurs due to the effect
of the cool sculpting on the fatty tissue that is below the skin. The temporary redness and
swelling is common and should not be a reason to worry.
To avoid getting most Coolsculpting Risks, it is advisable that you consult your doctor
before doing this procedure. If you qualify for the procedure you will enjoy the benefits
that it has to offer. The fat cells will never return since they will be eliminated by the
body. There are no incisions, so no scarring to worry about. The results will show within
a few weeks. Now that you know the side effects of the cool sculpting, you can go ahead
and have the procedure without any stress. The only thing you have to do is make sure
that you have it done by a qualified doctor. It is a safe way to get rid of fat.