Common Side Effects of Coolsculpting

Common Side Effects of
Coolsculpting also known as cryolipolysis is a non surgical contouring procedure. The surgeon
uses a device to freeze the fat cells. Most people will only notice the coolsculpting side effects
after a few days of going through the coolsculpting procedure.
Coolsculpting is a procedure used in freezing fat cells. There are many benefits of the procedure
but there are also side effects as well. If you are considering undertaking the procedure, then you
need to know about the risks. The procedure will kill the fat cells in the body part being treated.
The fats will later be flushed out from the body through the liver. The procedure has been
certified by the Food and drug administration to be a safe treatment. However, the procedure is
not meant for everyone and you need to check on who can get coolsculpting. Continue reading
to find out the side effects of this procedure.
Tugging sensation at the treated area
The doctor will place a roll of fat on the body part being treated. Thus, it will create a tugging
sensation or pulling which will last for about one to two hours. That is approximately the time
the procedure takes. The side effect may go away as soon as the procedure is complete. The
tugging occurs due to the area being placed between two cooling panels.
Temporary redness, bruising and swelling
At the treatment site, you will encounter swelling. Some of the coolsculpting risks you will
encounter in the treatment area are swelling, temporary redness, bruising, skin sensitivity. All
these are due to the cold temperatures which the area is exposed to; they will go away after a few
weeks. The side effects are also due to the fatty tissue that is below the skin.
Pain and stinging at the treatment site
Pain, stinging and aching are also common side effects of coolsculpting. These side effects begin
after the treatment up to about two weeks after going through the procedure. The cold
temperatures which the skin is being exposed to is the reason for the pain and stinging. You may
also experience numbness which is common and goes on for around a month.
Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia
The paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a rare side effect. The side effect is most common among
men than women. It occurs because the fat cells in the treated areas become larger rather than
smaller as they should. The reason as to why it occurs is not known. It is a cosmetic side effect
and not physical. The side effect unlike the other will not disappear on its go away on its own.
Just a few weeks after the procedure, you may encounter diarrhoea which occurs when the fat
cells are being removed from the body. There may also be itchiness. The side effects differ from
one person to another. Most of the coolsculpting complications go away on their own. However,
if you encounter them for longer periods, then you need to talk to your doctor about it.