Coolsculpting Latest technology in fat removal without surgery

Coolsculpting: Latest technology in fat removal
without surgery
Coolsculpting is the latest cutting-edge technology for Freezing Fat To Lose Weight,
locally, ambulatory and with immediate reincorporation to normal daily life.
There are several factors that differentiate this technology from the existing ones.
Cool Sculpt Fat Freezing Treatment is the only equipment for the elimination of fat,
which has more than 54 scientific studies published in the maximum impact journals.
In addition, it is the only appliance of this type, which has all health records.
Coolsculpting has all the American authorizations of the FDA and European
certifications, both for the device and for all the applicators.
How does Coolsculpting work?
It has 10 different heads to apply in different areas of the body. It has applicators for
neck, for the lower arm area with a spectacular result. It also has applicators for the
area of the abdomen, for the area of the back, of the holsters, the inner knees, the inner
thighs, etc.
How to eliminate fat without surgery
Fat Freezer Body Sculpting is a procedure that is the same as liposculpture, that is,
with which you do not lose weight. Its function is to sculpt the body like a
liposculpture. The difference is that it is not necessary to go through an operating
room, nor to wear a belt for a month, and without the need for general or local
anaesthesia. This treatment not only does not require anaesthesia, but also allows the
patient to immediately reincorporate to his job.
To avoid any complications and any side effects of Freeze Body Sculpting, the heads
have different shapes: round, curved, etc. This means that they are heads that are
adapted to each area, and perform different types of suction. With this it has been
achieved that the cold point is equal in the whole area, and maximum in the central
zone, which is the area where the fat that we want to destroy accumulates the most.
Liposculpture without surgery
The most important thing is that the Coolsculpting has a system developed by the
factory with an exclusive patent, called Freeze Detect Control. It is a detector that is in
the heads. If for any reason the temperature of the process is altered, which is usually
between 35 and 45 minutes of application, directly the machine switches off and
automatically switches off. The fat has to be subjected to a temperature between four
and six degrees. You cannot lower that temperature because if you lower the
temperature there would be an undesired side effect. Therefore, this device assures us
that if the temperature changes the machine stops.
In addition, if in the process of 35-45 minutes the patient moves and for any reason
the head applied in the area detaches a bit, which will cause a change in temperature at
that time the machine would also disconnect. In these cases it would be necessary to
apply the Fat Freezing Procedure again and have the necessary time to have it at the
appropriate temperature.