How to prepare for Coolsculpting Procedure

How to prepare for Coolsculpting Procedure
Early preparation is a vital step for you to achieve your goal in the coolsculpting
procedure. If you do not know what is coolsculpting? Then it is fat freeze method used
to remove unwanted fat cells. The purpose for the procedure is to get rid of stubborn fat
that you cannot lose with exercise and dieting. You know what is cool body sculpting
and here are some of the ways you can prepare for the procedure.
Before the treatment day
You should avoid any anti-inflammatory live Advil or aspirin one week before the
procedure. You can expect to bruise that last for a few days. There is no time and you
can go back to your activities immediately. It is also vital that you do not change
anything about your routine or diet before going for the treatment. You need to maintain
a regular routine to see visible results.
On the treatment day
Depending on the treatment plan, your treatment will take only a few hours. After the
applicator, it remains on your body for one hour. You have to make sure that you are
comfortable since the applicator will not be removed until the one hour is over. It is
advisable that you dress in loose clothing. You can also carry something that will keep
you occupied during the treatment. You can read books, or listen to music.
Take care of your skin
You should avoid sun exposure before the cosmetic treatment. Sun exposure will
interfere with the treatment. Take good care of your skin before the procedure. Sunburn
will make the process uncomfortable.
Relax before the treatment
Being comfortable and relaxed during the procedure will help ease your mind during the
treatment. One of the ways to ensure that you are comfortable is by wearing clothes that
are comfortable. The clothes should be loose fitting. You can put on a baggy shirt. You
should also consider carrying extra clothes to change into. Your clothes will become wet
due to the gel that will be applied during the process.
Do not take anti-inflammatory medications
If you are not under medication for a specific medical condition, it is advisable that you
do not take any medication prior to the treatment. Anti-inflammatory medications can
increase bruising severity. Make sure you consult with your doctor before discontinuing
your medications.
Eat a light meal
Before your appointment with the doctors, you should eat a light meal. Make sure that
you limit your beverage intake. Caffeine should also not be taken before the
Have an exercise plan after the treatment
Now that you know what is cool sculpting procedure and you go through it, make sure
you have a plan to help maintain the results. It will take about 16 weeks for the fat to
completely get flushed out of the body. Thus, having a diet and exercise is a guaranteed
way to maintain your results. You have to stick to the plan if you want to continue having
your dream body shape.