What to Expect Before, During and After a Coolsculpting Procedure

What to Expect Before, During and
After a Coolsculpting Procedure
Here are some of the things that you should expect before during and after the coolsculpting
Before coolsculpting procedure
It is recommended that you go to a physician to determine whether you are a suitable candidate
for the procedure or not. A suitable candidate is one with subcutaneous fat that is fat that you can
tug on. It is also important that you have realistic expectations from the coolsculpting before
after procedure.
What to expect during the procedure
The treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated. However, most treatments will
take about 35 minutes per area; that is enough time for you to take a nap. There are also areas
which can take up to 45 to 60 minutes. You can even have multiple areas treated in one day.
Most of the common areas being treated in the coolsculpting procedure are bra fat, abdomen,
outer thighs, love handles, inner thighs and upper arms.
After the procedure
Coolsculpting has been approved as a fat freezing procedure. The procedure has gained
popularity in recent years. If you have unwanted body fat that you cannot get rid of by going to
the gym or following a weight loss program, then the ideal procedure for you is coolsculpting. It
is a non surgical procedure and you will not have to worry about getting any cuts after the
procedure. In case you are considering coolsculpting, then you may be wondering about the
coolsculpting before and after.
Immediately after the treatment
After the treatment, the device is left for about an hour in the treatment area. You will have a
stick of butter beneath the skin. The stick of butter is just fat which has been frozen. It may be
alarming but the provider will massage it and allow the frozen cells to disperse.
Becoming active after the procedure depends on a person’s preference. There are those who will
become active after the treatment while there are still those who will take a few days off work.
Pain and discomfort depends on ones temperament. Some people will hardly notice any
discomfort while there are those who have intense pain.
A few weeks after the procedure
You will begin to notice the results from the coolsculpting before and after one treatment. The
results will depend on several factors whether you maintain a healthy lifestyle or not. The
moment your body flushes out the fat cells, you will begin to notice the results. However, it is
important that you remain patient because it may take a while before you begin to see noticeable
change. In case you encounter any side effects from the procedure there is no need to be worried;
it will go away after a few weeks.
After the procedure, you should expect up to 20 to 25 percent fat reduction in the treated areas.
However, you need to keep in mind that coolsculpting is not a procedure for losing weight. You
also need to maintain a healthy diet and do regular exercises if you want the results to last longer.