Coolsculpting fat removal how to choose the best for you

Coolsculpting fat removal: how to
choose the best for you?
Tummy tuck and coolsculpting fat removal all of these body contouring
procedures are very effective. With so many fat reduction options, it can be
difficult to understand which body contouring procedure is best for you. So, it's
good to have advice so you can determine which of the three techniques the best
choice is. In order to steer you in the right direction, while maximizing your
time and budget, let's start by considering these three things.
Your time frame:
If you try to choose between a CoolSculpting and a liposuction for example, it
depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a unique, intensive
treatment with more immediate results and you accept the time needed for
recovery? Or rather you opt for several small, non invasive fat removal that
does not require any downtime with results in 3 to 4 months?
Your budget:
For some of you, the budget is the main concern. Are you more comfortable
paying smaller amounts by Coolsculpting treatment for higher fees for a
Coolsculpting package or the costs of a liposuction surgery? This is a good
question to which the answer must be clarified, which will allow you to clarify
your choice.
Your anatomy: this is the most important point.
Not everyone is a candidate for all procedures, and each of these processes
deals with different issues. However, none of these treatments is a weight loss
procedure. In fact, most patients after losing their weight try to get around small
rebel areas or remove excess skin. Speaking of skin, if you have loose or
excessive skin of the abdomen, unfortunately, it is not likely that a
Coolsculpting or a liposuction will give you excellent results. In fact, you will
need a tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty instead of two other
procedures. Do not be afraid! There are a variety of modalities and options to
treat each patient individually with something unique, just choose a good boardcertified plastic surgeon dedicated to providing the is coolsculpting safe and
most effective treatments, which saves you time and money.
Which areas to target with coolsculpting?
The belly and the "love handles".
Buttocks: "breeches of horse", folds gluteus.
Thighs: inner / outer side.
The arms: internal / external side.
The back: "wings of angels".
Double chin.
Some contraindications:
Coolsculpting is contraindicated for pregnant women, but also for obese
people. Indeed, it does not eliminate visceral fat, only subdermal fat. Coldrelated conditions such as Raynaud's disease or cryoglobulinaemia and people
with hernia should also stop this procedure.
What follow-up after the session?
After the session, you can note a slight sensation of discomfort and aches that
can last a few days. Edema and temporary redness are also likely to appear. On
the other hand, nothing prevents you from returning to work or practicing a
sporting activity in the hours and days following the intervention. It is quite
possible to repeat one or more sessions on the same area if the expected result is
not satisfied after the first session non surgical fat reduction near me.