Everything you did not know about Coolsculpting

Everything you did not know about
The CoolSculpting technique is one of the best treatments for localized fat reduction
without surgery. After performing the medical evaluation that allows us to determine
if the patient is a candidate to perform this technique, we will design the treatment
plan that allows us to remodel the area to be treated. Next, the selected hand piece is
placed on your body and controlled cold is applied.
How Coolsculpting Works
The team detects and freezes fat cells at a temperature that causes their natural death.
It should be noted that, as lipids and fats crystallize faster than normal cells, there is
no damage to the nerves or other tissue. During the following weeks and months, the
fat cells shrink and begin to die while the patient's organism metabolizes them and
eliminates them naturally.
The whole fat layer decreases significantly, which produces a remarkable and
measurable reduction of the treated area.
Does Coolsculpting Really Work
The average duration is one hour and it is without general or local anaesthesia and
without pain.
→ Reshape your figure: You can reduce fat in different body areas with the
CoolSculpting procedure and the additional sessions will improve the results even
→ After your session: The Zeltiq CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure that we use in
the clinic is not invasive at all, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.
→ Get used to your image: In the weeks or months following the cryolipolysis
procedure your body will process and naturally eliminate the treated fat cells. Once
the fat cells have disappeared, you can forget about them
Difference between Fat Reduction and Weight Loss
Does Coolsculpting Really Work? A very common mistake is to think that losing
weight and reducing fat with CoolSculting without surgery are the same, when it is
not true.
When we lose weight, our fat cells reduce their size, but the number of fat cells
remains the same. When we recover weight, those fat cells get bigger again.
Whether you lose weight or not, you will have a more defined figure, which will help
you feel better and more comfortable with your appearance.
How Does Coolsculpting Work
It is a device that is the same as liposculpture, that is, with which you do not lose
weight. Its function is to sculpt the body like a liposculpture. The difference is that it
is not necessary to go through an operating room, or to wear a belt for a month, and
without the need for general or local anaesthesia. This treatment not only does not
require anaesthesia, but also allows the patient to immediately reincorporate to his job.
To avoid any complications and any side effects, the heads have different shapes:
round, curved, etc. This means that they are heads that are adapted to each area, and
perform different types of suction. With this it has been achieved that the cold point is
equal in the whole area, and maximum in the central zone, which is the area where the
fat that we want to destroy accumulates the most.