What is Coolscuplting

What is Coolscuplting?
Cool sculpt fat freezing treatment has gained popularity over the years. The number of
people using this non-surgical treatment method continues to grow. The procedure is
used to reduce fat. It is a new alternative to weight loss surgery. It is an excellent way to
jumpstart the weight loss program. Nowadays, there are many centers that offer the cool
sculpting procedure.
Who qualifies for coolsculpting?
Anyone can benefit from freeze body sculpting if they are able to raise 1 to 2 inches of
fat. The procedure helps in removing the isolated pockets that still remain even after
going through exercise and diet. The treatment works for people with normal BMI or a
BMI that is less than 25. It is advisable to go through two treatments to get the best
results. In case you have a BMI o 25 and 30, it is recommended you go for two-three
treatments. However, if you have a BMI that is more than 30, you should not go for cool
sculpting treatment. It is because the target area will have a lot of fat that will not make
any difference aft you go through the treatment. The treatment is not suitable for people
who have a disease that can be made worse by the cold.
How coolscpting works
When performing the Freezing Fat to Lose Weight,the first thing to be done make the
skin moist using a moist pad. He then proceeds to place the applicator. Once the suction
has been turned on, it is normal to feel some kind of momentary pressure as the fat is
being drawn. One the skin has been released; you will feel some discomfort for about
five minutes.
Areas that can be treated
You cannot use the Fat Freezer Body Sculpting procedure for all the areas in your body.
It is commonly used to remove fat from the lower abdomen, outer thighs, love handles,
back arms, and upper abdomen.
What are the benefits of the treatment method?
Many people who go through the treatment get the results within 8 to 16 weeks. The
reason for that is the treatment does not remove the fat but only freezes it. The body
takes some time to reabsorb the fat that has been treated. With one treatment, the fat is
reduced by 20%.
How much does it cost to get a cool sculpting treatment?
The cost of the Fat Freezing Procedure depends on the size of the area being treated,
the number of treatments and number of areas being treated. For instance, you will part
with $1500 for a single treatment. Cool sculpting is classified under the cosmetic surgery
and thus is not insured. You will know how much it costs form the consultation based on
the number of treatment you will take.
You can use cool sculpting to get rid of the stubborn fats and get the body that you want.
You will reap the benefits of using. It is long lasting and there are no scars after the