Coolsculpting on arms Treatment, Side effects, Results and Cost

Coolsculpting on arms: Treatment, Side effects,
Results and Cost
Coolsculpting is used in addressing the upper arm. There are different size applicators
that are used depending on the area that is being treated. How much is cool sculpting
depends on the area being treated. The applicators provide cooling treatment to the area
being treated. The temperature being used is between 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The
layer of fat in the upper arm is cooled to ensure that the fat cells die. The good thing
about the procedure is that the surrounding areas will not be harmed during the process.
Here is everything you need to know about cool sculpting arm as well as what is the cool
is sculpting cost.
How many treatments are needed?
In order to get optimal results, the patient needs to go through 1 to 3 treatments. The
number of treatment depends on how the person responds to the procedure. Treatment
also depends on the extent of improvement of the patient. It is advisable that you wait
and see before going for additional treatment.
What can you expect during the fat freeze treatment?
Before the treatment, the practitioner will determine the number of applications that you
are needed. The number of treatment determines the cool sculpting cost. There are those
patients who will need just one large applicator while there are those who will get results
from smaller applicators. The doctor proceeds to apply a gel pad to the arms. The patient
has to be massaged to dislodge frozen deep tissue and reduce the discomfort.
It is uncommon for cool sculpting to result into paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. The
chances of that happening are one in 20,000. The side effect occurs when the treatment
gradually enlarges. There are higher chances of the risk occurring in men than women.
Abdominoplasty will be done to remove the mass.
Side effects
The side effects of the coolscupting on arms subside in just a few weeks. The mild side
effects are redness, reduced sensation, tugging sensation, stinging, bruising, and skin
When you go for arm coolscupting, you will notice the results in your upper arm, within
four weeks after the treatment.
The final results will be visible in three months.
However, the fat cells will be completely eliminated after six months.
The estimated average cool sculpting price for the arm is between $1500 and $2800. The
cool sculpting price depends on the provider’s location, a number of treatments, and the
size of the applicator being used. Smaller applicator goes for about $750 while the large
applicator will cost you $1500 for one cycle.
There are mild side effects which are temporary. You can enjoy optimal results within 13 treatment. You will lose up to 25 percent of your arm fat by using two or more
procedures. Consult your doctor before going for the arm fat freeze to know if you
qualify and the cool sculpting cost per area. The cost for the arm will be different with
the cool sculpting price for the stomach.