2014 Term4 News Letter

JCS Japanese School, City
Term 4 - News Letter
No.130, October 2014
PO Box 902, Glebe NSW 2037
Ph. 0407 461 618
Schedule for term 4
Finally, the last term, term 4 started. The last day of
the term 4 has summer festival.
Please look after yourself and your children there are
some hot days but some cold days.
25 Oct
01 Nov
08 Nov
15 Nov
22 Nov
29 Nov
06 Dec
13 Dec
31 Jan
Committee member election
Closing ceremony
Summer festival
Summer holidays
Matsuri in Sydney
Term 1 begins, Opening
ceremony, Parent’s meeting
Payment for class fee
The deadline of payment for class fee for term 4 is 18 October.
If you have not paid class fee yet, please pay as soon as
possible. We do not accept cheque or money order after
deadline, so please pay online or at bank.
Payment method
Account #
Online – Please write child’s name and class name in the reference.
(e.g. TARO NIPPON Kani)
Please write eldest student name if there are more than 2 students.
You don’t need to send payment details if you pay via online.
Direct payment at Westpac bank - Please advise the date of
payment, the name of the branch, and name of the child and class
to the JCS Administration office: [email protected]
Westpac Bank
JCS Japanese
School of Sydney
Class fee / term
1 student
2 students
3 students
(Absence is max 2
terms. Student must
inform before the last
day of previous term)
Enrollment for 2015
We are still looking for new student for 2015. Student from 2015 must be more than 3 years at the
end of July in this month. If you want to enroll your child, please send an email to
[email protected] with following details;
Date of birth
Name (English and Japanese)
Email address
Contact number
Name and class of sibling in JCS Japanese school if he/she has
Renewal form
The renewal form was handed out on 11 October. Please fill the form and submit by 25 October,
we need to consider and make new classes for next year.
Committee election parents meeting and form
We will have committee election parents meeting on 8 November. Please submit committee
election form by noon in 25 October. If you do not submit the form, you must follow the decision
of the meeting whatever the result.
Closing ceremony, summer festival
Closing ceremony and summer festival will be held at the last day of the term 4, 6 December.
Summer festival has performance by each class in the hall, and then has small shops and mini
game such as pick up yo-yo, shooting, etc. We need many helps from parents, so we will make
roster for it. If you cannot attend to summer festival, please let us know about your absence to
[email protected] by 1 November.
This is a fundraising event, and we need to have your donation for it. Please bring $5 per student
to committee room by 8 November. All profit in summer festival will use for our school.
Please wear Yukata or Jinbei if you have one for making Japanese festival atmosphere.
Matsuri in Sydney
After finish term 4, in summer holidays, “Matsuri in Sydney” will be held in darling harbour on 13
December. JCS is planning to have origami and shodo (calligraphy) session, and sell Yukata, JCS
school City will have Kujibiki (lottery).
Mobile Library
Ground floor, next to committee room, has a trolley for mobile library.
Students in our school can borrow up to 4 books for 2 weeks per family.
Please write the book name and student name in the loan list, and ask the
parent who is on duty of copy to confirm and sign in the list. When you
return the books, you also need a sign from the parent on duty of copy.
You can borrow only from trolley. Please DO NOT bring from store room.
The books are changed every term.
Parents duty in term 4
To support to our school, parents will be asked “Parents duty” 2 or 3 times a year. ”Bread sales”
“Copy textbook” “First aid (qualification required)” If you cannot attend on the allocated date, please
find replacement and advise to administration ([email protected]). A reminder email is to be
sent out every Monday. Please confirm your attendance by return email once you have received the
Leader of parents duty for term 4: Ms. Kumiko Thapa (Ms. Naomi Maher in October)
Parents duty for term 4
1 Nov
Week 4
8 Nov
Week 5
25 Oct
Week 3
藤枝 諒子
遠藤 みどり
Cheryl Williams
ターンリー 朋子
★松岡 紀子
15 Nov
Week 6
ジョージオ 江都子
高田 恵美
高橋 善久
川畑 亜紀
★安中 純子
カルマー 香織
ジューク 綾
寺地 アヤカ
ハリデェイ 奈生子
★高矢 りや
ワトキンス 安樹子
野畑 沙織
マルーン 有紀子
今野 秀樹
★三好 まゆみ
22 Nov
Week 7
629 Nov
Week 8
6 Dec
Week 9
ベルソス 三起子
杉本 幸子
日沖 加奈
大野 貴子
★喜田 芳栄
マレー 祐子
ダウニー 理恵
中村 美奈子
大内 崇
★榊原 みき
ウー 真紀子
茂木 奈保子
ジョーンズ 晶子
富岡 麻衣子
★高取 康子
★First aid