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Issue III, March 2014
Inside and Out: „Mărțișor” Holiday and Festival.
Teaching project: My time in Moldova by Saaya from Japan.
Care project: My experience in Chișinău by Julian Ferrari.
Photos Page: Volunteer's Happy Moments.
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Moldova March
Edition 2014
Inside and Out
„Mărțișor” Holiday and Festival
Mărțișor is a holiday and festival which is celebrated from the 1st of March in
Moldova and Romania. “Mărțișor” is a a special two-tone red and white
amulet which people give each other from the 1st and wear it untill the end of
March. After this they hang the Mărțișor on a tree, to symbolise a good
harvest. This is a tradition that started 8000 years ago by our ancestors who in
this way welcomed spring. The holiday has been a huge success and has been
celebrated since then. Habits like this may be encountered in the Balkans in
Bulgaria where a Mărțișor is named "Marten" (Мартеница), Macedonia or
Albania, in eastern Serbia and northern Greece. It is believed that this
tradition comes from common ancestors such as the Thracian tribes. Women
twist red and white wool yarn doing a Mărțișor which they attach to each family member. Brides
should wear a Mărțișor on the right side, with spinsters on left near the heart. Bachelors should
have "mărțișori" with non blindfolded ends of thread, and married men’s "mărțișori " should be tied
and trimmed to the knot.
The legend of the Mărțișor says that Lady Spring was in a field when Lady Winter attacked her as
she wanted to lead more. During this fight, Lady Spring was injured on the finger, blood from the
wound fell on the snow and there appeared the first snowdrop and the first flower of spring.
Also, on the 1st of March in Chișinău city, many International musical concerts take place for the
Festival of Mărțișor where guests come from different countries to celebrate the arrival of spring
with us.
The following are some of the concerts from this year’s MĂRȚIȘOR Festival.
Organ Hall: 03.03.2014 MĂRȚIȘOR Festival-2014. An evening of organ music with JAN BOKSZCZANIN
05.03.2014 MĂRȚIȘOR Festival-2014. An evening with Orchestra music with Presidential Orchestra and LEONID
VOZNIUC (Moldova), CRISTIAN FLOREA (Romania-Germany), GHEORGHE MUSTEA (Moldova. The band:
Brass-quintet ”TAKE FIVE”, CRISTINA SCARLAT (voice), ALEXANDRA POSTOLACHI(trumpet). A program of
jazz and the first Cello Concerto and fanfare F.GULDA.
07.03.2014 MĂRȚIȘOR Festival-2014. An evening with Serghei KOVTUNOV and Igor TULINȚEV / Russia. In the
program: Classical, Latino, Folk, Flamenco music.
08.03.2014 MĂRȚIȘOR Festival-2014. An evening of accordion music. Accordionist and composer RENZO Ruggieri
/ Italy / Ensemble CONCERTINO of accordionists led by Eugene Negru / Republic of Moldova / Own creations of
popular music.
10.03.2014 MĂRȚIȘOR Festival-2014. ARAM TALALYAN ( cellist ) and Julietta VARDANYAN (pianist) from
Armenia. National Chamber Orchestra / Republic of Moldova / First conductor: CRISTIAN Florea (Romania –
Germany). In the program: L.BOCCHERINI - La Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid, op. 30 no. 6 / C.Ph.E.BACH
(300 years after the birth) - Cello Concerto in A minor / P.WARLOCK - Caprioli Suite / T.MANSURYAN (75 years
from birth) - Fantasy for piano and strings/ A.HARUTYUNYAN - Three c \ of songs for cello, piano and strings.
Moldova March
Edition 2014
National Philarmonic Hall:
02.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor". Symphonic Concert with National Symphonic Orchestra lead
by Mihail Agafita. Soloist: Tatiana Samouil (violin, Belgium). In the program: G.Enescu & Piotr Ceaikovski.
04.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor ". An evening of piano and violin music withTrigon Band and
Nadine Trohin. Soloists: Anatol Stefanet (violin), Dorel Burlacu (piano), Vali Boghean (voice and wind instruments),
Gari Tverdohleb (percussion and xylophone ) & Serghei Ivanov (piano).
International Festival of Music "Mărțișor". An evening of violin and accordion with Sanya Kroitor (violin, Israel), Emil
Kroitor (accordion, Israel) & Acoustic Drive (Israel).
05.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor ". An evening of Symphonic music with National Symphonic
Orchestra lead by Mihail Agafita. Soloists: Georgheta Stoleriu (Romania), Cristian Orosanu (Romania), Ana Bunescu.
In the program: D.Dediu: Frenesia 2 for orchestra. V.Munteanu – Return to Blaga (seven poems for soprano and
orchestra ). R.Vlad – Sinfonietta. G.Enescu – Romanian poems.
06.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor". An evening of piano and violin music withTrigon Band and
Nadine Trohin. Soloists: Anatol Stefanet (violin), Dorel Burlacu (piano), Vali Boghean (voice and wind instruments),
Gari Tverdohleb (percussion and xylophone ) & Serghei Ivanov (piano).
09.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor". Symphonic Concert with National Symphonic Orchestra lead by
Mihail Agafita, Maxim Emilyanychev (Russia). Soloists: Aylen Pritcin (violin, Russia).Sergiu Musat (clarinet). In the
program: E. W. Korngold – concert for violin and orchestra. L.Bassi – fantasy on theme from opera “Rigoletto”by
G.Verdi. A.Dvorak – Symphony nr8 in G.
10.03.2014 International Festival of Music "Mărțișor ". Concert with Millenium Band. End of Festival.
Moldova March
Edition 2014
Teaching project
My time in Moldova
By Saaya from Japan.
Moldova March
Edition 2014
Care project
My experience in Chișinău
By Julian Ferrari from Italy.
Having the desire to volunteer during springtime lead me to the
Projects Abroad organization due to the fact that my brother went
to Morocco with them in 2013 and returned back happy and
satisfied. I choose the Care Project, because I'm attending a
vocational school for Social Care in Saronno, Italy. For my first
experience with Projects Abroad I decided to stay within Europe;
found a care program which I liked in Moldova and due to my age
I took part in a summer camp with fixed dates. On July 8th I
arrived at the airport in Chișinău. A mem ber of the Projects
Abroad Moldova staff was waiting for me and he took me to my host family, with whom I stayed
with for two weeks. The family lived in the Botanica District of Chișinău and it is considered as
one of the most beautiful places around the area. The climate was always really hot and humid and
reached 40 degrees at some stages. Every day somebody of Projects Abroad took us to our
placements. In this occasion we were given mineral water bottles due to tap water not being
drinkable in Moldova. The Fantastic Daily Care Centre where I worked was half an hour away
from my host home. In this place, children between the ages of five and 17 could pass their time
playing, chatting, singing, talking or doing manual activities. Every day, two Moldavian women
worked as educators at the centre. During the morning, I usually played board games and card
games with the children. After a little break for lunch I was occupied with decoupage and other
manual activities. We always had lunch with Igor, a marvelous and very warm-hearted member of
the Projects Abroad staff. He was very helpful and I could always rely on him in moments of need.
Although, the children were not able to speak English, it was surprisingly easy to communicate
using games and just staying together. The children were all very well educated and always
behaved in a very friendly and positive way. Around 4:30 pm we went home. I was very happy
that the children organized a cheerio show for the volunteers. What I liked most in Moldova was
how the children welcomed me and liked to stay with me every day. I'm sure I will repeat this
experience somewhere next year!
Moldova March
Edition 2014
Photos Page
Volunteer's Happy Moments
Victoria Fox’s handmade stuff, work made with people from Start. Care project.
Noriko at the hospital
Celebrating women’ day
Moldova March
Edition 2014
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