Global Career Seminar Mr. OTSUKA Hirofumi

Global Career Seminar
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Venue: Tohoku University Main Library 2F
会 場: 図書館本館1号館 2階 グローバル学習室
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mr. OTSUKA Hirofumi,
General Manager of Global HR
大塚 洋文 氏
Earned a bachelor‘s degree from The University of Tokyo in Engineering, joined SMBC
in 1990 and has been in the US since 2003. Gained extensive experience in
structured/project finance throughout his career and was responsible for project
finance and public finance activities in both North America and Latin America.
Now, General Manager of Global Human Resources Department which was newly
established in April, 2014. He is responsible for leading the development and
implementation of Human Resources Strategy on a global basis.
The global career seminar is held as a part of “Global Company Research” (2 credits) offered by the Faculty of Economics.
Each seminar is open for auditing to TGL students and all international students. Those who wish to attend all of the seminars
shall register for the class.
本セミナーは、経済学部専門教育科目「Global Company Research」(TGL指定科目上は「グローバル企業研究」として開講し、TGL学生及び外国人留学生のみ
田口 香織 特任准教授 022-795-3729 / [email protected]
For TGL students
& all Int’l Students