Why You Should buy Lab Created Gemstones

Why You Should buy Lab
Created Gemstones
People love how gemstones look; they symbolize beauty and style. However, due to
their price and rarity most people are unable to get the gemstones like spinel stone. It
is for this reason that scientists decided to create gemstones straight from the lab.
Lab grown gemstones just like the name suggests are made in the lab. They have the
physical and chemical characteristic of the natural gemstones. You do not have to
wait for the natural gemstone which takes over hundreds of years to form.
You can simply go for the lab created one. If anything, it is not easy to notice the
difference between the lab created and the natural gemstones. Gemstones like green
amethyst raw are a perfect alternative for the natural gems due to many reasons.
Here are just some of those reasons.
The lab created gemstones are made using the same mineral composition as the
natural gems. It is for this reason that most people find it hard to differentiate the
natural from the synthetic gemstone. Scientists can duplicate the appearance and
chemical qualities of any gemstone like the black spinel stone. The synthetic
gemstones are similar in composition, color, hardness and luster. The lab created
gemstones do not have inclusions making them to be of high quality.
The lab created gemstones are affordable than the natural ones. Those who buy the
natural gemstones have to pay for the mining process, the process it takes to locate the
gemstone, and the process of cutting the stone to its perfect size. It can be very
expensive process even for the small stones. The buyers of the lab created gemstones
will only pay for the laboratory process the gemstones go through.
Variety of colors
Scientists are able of replicating the qualities of the real gemstones such as amethyst
stone and even different colors. You can get different colors of gemstones to choose
from. Thus, you can customize your jewelry easily.
Unlimited supply
Unlike the mined gemstones which are limited in supply, lab created gemstones have
unlimited supply. The natural gems have to wait for the earth processes which involve
many years. The supply gets depleted as the gem gets mined and sold. With the lab
created gemstones, you do not have to worry about the supply because they are
readily available. Synthetic gemstones are created quickly in the labs.
Environmental awareness
If you care for the environment, then you need to buy lab created gemstones. Th earth
mined gemstones involve operations which destroy the natural habitat of insects,
plants and animals. The mining operation will destroy the ecosystem. However, with
lab created gemstones, they are made in the lab which is done in controlled areas.
They also require minimal equipment to make. Thus, it is unlikely that they will
interfere with the ecosystem.
The lab created gemstones are the best alternative for natural gems. They are identical
in a physical appearance and chemical composition to the natural ones like blue
spinel. The synthetic stones are environmentally friendly and affordable. So you get
to enjoy wearing your favourite gemstones without spending a fortune.