Get information about gems for each personality

Get information about gems for each
The gems have been appreciated over the centuries as a symbol of beauty. If you want to
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What is gemology?
Gemology includes the study of the formation of gems in the layers of the earth, their
chemical composition, transparency, absorption of light, among other characteristics. The
methods to differentiate a natural gem are from an artificial one, as well as to determine
its value. Divide your studio in diamonds and colored gems. There are a many online
gemstones supplier which provides a huge variety of gems for their customer.
What determines the value of a gem?
Calling precious or semiprecious gems is a term that is considered obsolete, gemologists
consider all precious gems, a tanzanite, iolite, or an imperial jade are as valuable as an
emerald or a ruby. Determining the value of gems is a combination of factors, mainly the
difficulty of finding or extracting them.
What are synthetic gems?
It is any gem created in a laboratory with the same chemical composition, crystalline
structure and properties as its natural counterpart. Gemology plays a very important role
in distinguishing between natural and synthetic stones.
What is your favorite gem?
There are more than 100 varieties that are used today for jewelry; each one is
distinguished by particular aspects such as color, transparency, or the deployment of
particular optical phenomena, as in the case of the labradorite and the moonstone. Best
gems have characteristic inclusions that produce a flash of colors very striking at the time
that the light passes through them.
What should be taken into account to select a jewel?
The choice of a gem is very personal, as there are varieties of gems, there are varieties of
tastes, styles and personalities. If your work requires a lot of physical activity, you must
acquire a resistant gem, gems such as diamond and sapphires and rubies are ideal for
rings and bracelets because they have an excellent hardness. If you live a lifestyle that
requires much outdoor activity, quartz like amethyst is not recommended as they are very
susceptible to heat and their color will clear up if you want to project elegance, pearls,
tourmalines and topazes are classic symbols of good taste. For people with a special bond
with nature, corals, Turquoise and amber are fresh and cheerful gems that go very well
with that kind of personality. Emeralds for sale, garnets and aquamarines are associated
with a more conservative personality.
What are your collections inspired by?
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