Protein Rich Recipes

Benefits and Tips to Consume Dals in a Tasty
Way for Weight Loss by Tasty Healthy Recipes
Are you looking for shedding the extra fat from your body? Do you want to
have healthy and energetic food in your weight loss diet plan? If yes, you
should definitely give a try to varieties of lentils popularly known as dals
among the people of India.
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How Lentils help in Weight Loss
Indeed, the question that strikes in mind that how having dals helps us in our
weight loss goal. For this, our experts involved in providing you low
carbohydrate recipes have found-
 Lentils/dals are of low calorie foods, but they contain fiber and protein
in higher amounts. Especially, dals contain the best possible sources of
plant-based protein. Because of this, having even a one-cup serving of
dals, you will feel full and hence, you will avoid overeating or having
snacks during the entire day.
 Furthermore, if we analyze lentils with obesity risk or high BMI, we
have found an inverse relationship between the consumption of pulses
and high risk related to obesity or high rate of BMI.
 Lentils or dals are help in controlling your cravings towards having
sugary food items or any of the refined carbohydrates. Reason for this
is that dals help in balancing the sugar levels in your body. Hence,
whenever you use lentils in place of eggs, chicken or meat, you will
expect to cut a huge amount of fat in saturated form from the daily diet
and simultaneously expect to consume the essential nutrients.
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Quick Tip to Enjoy Dals in a Tasty Way
Even though we are well aware with the benefits of consuming dals in our
daily diet, most of us show reluctance to have it, as we often give priority to
our taste than to our health. Thus, with the prime objective to maintain a
proper balance between the good health and taste, our experts providing tasty
healthy recipes have come up with a unique, healthy and tasty way to enjoy
dals i.e. Dal Veggie Chops.
Unlike other chops, our chops are of 0%Maida recipes, as we have used the
flour as semi-solid moong dal paste and a combination of green veggies as
well as varieties of Indian spices to give you a mouthwatering taste. An
interesting aspect in this case, you will not only get the chance to have dals,
but also varieties of green veggies at the same time without making any
compromise on your appetite.