The most beautiful and precious stones in the world

The most beautiful and precious stones in
the world
Precious stones are known that way in almost all the world. They are used in the
making of stones and jewels like necklaces, rings, brazalates even in garments, since it
is a rock or mineral that is subjected to a transformation for that purpose, but its origin
is of the same nature.
However, some are obtained through manipulation of other elements that allow their
creation; others are of manmade origin such as the pearl, considered a precious stone
that is formed inside an oyster in the sea. If you want to Buy Natural Gemstones then
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Types of precious stones
Precious stones
The general greed of fine stones comes from the most remote times that could be
documented, almost all the highest representatives of empires, kingdoms and any
other form of high government and high society, was possessor of some of these
precious gems in garments as crowns, tunics, and other types of accessories, which
made it stand out from the rest of society at the time and of course made it see the
level in which it was, and sex was not distinguishable.
However, over the centuries they have been incorporated into a special market for buy
gemstones due to certain characteristics that make precious stones a real treasure.
There are many people who even have great fortunes only in jewellery.
Generality of gems
Gems or precious stones have similar characteristics to each other, but they also show
marked differences.
Some are of natural origin, and others result from the transformation through the hand
of man, even, they do their best to make excellent imitations of the most beautiful,
which are called synthetic stones or lab created emerald.
Those differences or characteristics that the fine stones must possess to consider them
original and pure gems are based on the beauty of the same, the perfection and the
durability, like main characteristics, within this select group they are: The diamond,
the ruby, the Created white sapphire and emerald, the rest are known as
semiprecious and synthetic stones.
What are semiprecious stones?
The types of semiprecious stones and semiprecious stones are used for all varieties of
precious stones that are not classified as precious.
It would include any gemstone suitable for use as a personal adornment.
The semiprecious stones include precious stones made from them: agate, amber,
amethyst, aquamarine, Carnelian, garnet, hematite, jade, jasper, jet, kunzite, lapis
lazuli, malachite, moonstone, onyx, ethiopian opal, tiger eye, tanzanite, topaz,
turquoise, tourmaline and many other materials.
Some people believe that the word semiprecious is derogatory, irreverent, misleading
or confusing, and that its use must be discontinued. Perhaps the people who initiated
this classification had the intention to throw all the gems, but a few under a derogatory
Unfortunately, removing the semiprecious word from its use would be extremely
difficult. In the last 50 years, dozens of popular books have been written with the
word semiprecious in their titles.
Purging these terms from professional use would be difficult, but, eliminating them
from common usage would be almost impossible - especially because some people
really like these names.
We can also find different types of semiprecious stones and colours such as
semiprecious green, cz diamond, yellow, blue stones which you can enjoy and know
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