Tips if you want to buy Colombian emeralds

Tips if you want to buy Colombian emeralds
Being a gem seller is a beautiful, elegant, exciting and rewarding activity. I guess many
would like to do this work. As in all professions there are many specializations. As
examples I will mention those who are dedicated to selling diamonds of small calibers, in
round, rectangular, trapezoidal or square sizes, mainly for borders or decorations to
accompany other larger stones. Some people specialize in colored diamonds or "fancies",
in different sizes, but important, others carry batches of colored stones in addition to the
usual others such as garnets, a large demand of lab made sapphire tourmalines, quartz
etc. calibrated in round, oval, marquis, pears, etc. A huge varietyof lab created pink
sapphire can be buying from online store. Lab created gemstones for sale can be
buying at very reasonable rates.
When you want Colombian emeralds for sale, usually to get the price you are looking
for different lots. Then you will be doing couples and trios. As you buy more batches in
time, it will be easier to match and find many equals. The idea is to place the lots on the
table and put in your hands the stones that seem the same in size, color tone, transparency
and life. Once in your hand you have to do with each of the lights separately and all must
behave the same with each one of them, if you do not discard them. So little by little it's
like me towards the groups.
It is essential to have some basic tools such as the 10x gemological magnifying glass,
fluoropolymer-coated tweezers, a Leverage-type caliper, a portable quilter, presentation
cases with transparent and transparent plastic boxes or with windows glass, and paper to
know about quality of lab created pink sapphire.
The gemological magnifying glass will help us to see the inclusions, the treatment of
colorless oil, and thus be able to separate by transparency and life. The clamps with
fluoropropylene coating are designed so that when we have to choose a stone, we will not
hurt it and avoid fractures. The emeralds are very brittle, they fracture with some ease,
and these tweezers have that coating on their tips and make a mattress when we hold
them. In this way we avoid possible fractures or dents. If still the client would like to see
them outside the case, the ideal is to take them with your fingers and place them in the
left hand with the palm open upwards and placing the butts between the fingers together,
you can pass a cloth over the boards so that Do not lose the brightness when you touch
them. In this way you can move them and bring them closer to the light so you can see all
their reflections and flashes. They look good because it is the same effect as when we put
them in jewels on the skin.
So it is not hard to know about quality of natural swiss blue topaz you just need to keep
few things in mind and it will be easy to know about quality.