Reasons to Wear the Blue Sapphire Stone

Reasons to Wear the Blue Sapphire Stone
Blue star sapphire is also known as neelam and it is one of the artificial gemstones
made by combining other stones to help achieve it's benefits. The stone is associated with
wealth, prosperity, health, mental peace and long life. When you wear the blue sapphire
stone, it will protect you from danger, terror, thieves, natural disasters and travel
The stone can also bring you good fortune. If you want to know the benefits that the blue
sapphire gemstone has to offer, then you are in the right place. Here are you will find
some benefits that the stone has to offer. Wearing the stone protects you from envy. You
can also wear it for good luck and to protect you from any evil spirits. The stone is
associated with Saturn and since it is the slowest moving in the solar system, it helps to
cure chronic illnesses. Blue sapphire helps in nervous tension problems.
You should not wear the black star sapphire without first getting advice from an
astrologer because it can be harmful. There is also a way you should wear the stone; you
should wear the stone on your right hand. It is advisable to wear it on Saturday after the
stars have appeared. Make sure the weight is according to what the astrologer advices.
You should not wear it alone; you need to wear it with at least two gems. Make sure that
you only wear quality black spinel stone to get the benefits.
If you want to wear the normal stone, it is advisable that you go for one with already two
carats. You will also know a good sapphire then look for one that is transparent, radiant
and brilliant. It should be able to reflect other colors other than it's own.
One of the benefits that stone provide is that it is fast acting. You will feel the impact of
the blue topaz stone immediately upon wearing it. The stone can bring you good luck,
wealth, and opportunity just by wearing it for one month.
The other benefit of neelam is that it is protective. It can protect you from jealousy, evil
eye and enemies. You do not have to look for many things to protect you when all you
need is just one stone.
The stone has healing abilities and will help improve your health. If you are having
problems with digestion, the stone can be of help. It will also help improve your
concentration and focus.
Blue Sapphire will help you make the right decision. When wearing it, you have mental
clarity and clear any confusion you may have.
If you are looking for a way to improve your wealth, you can buy the normal stone. It
will boost your finances and even bless you with different income sources.
You can improve on your meditation just by wearing the neelam stone. The stone also
helps in self-realization.
These are just some of the benefits that you get by wearing the aquamarine gemstone
and blue spinel.