What are the different kinds of precious stones

What are the different kinds of precious stones?
Synthetic stone- a synthetic stone is grown in a laboratory for a short period of time. A
synthetic gem is identical to the natural gem in almost every way. This includes the same
basic crystalline structure, chemical composition and other characteristics. Even a trained
gemologist may have trouble distinguishing between them. Synthetic gems are more
affordable and it is possible to supply them in large quantities for large scale productions.
The large number of color range can be found in synthetic gems.
Zircon- This Zircon has a dark turquoise skin, with a cap that covers all its cyan neck in
a crescent shape. Wear a pair of pants the same color as the hood, with shoes of the same
color, a blue long-sleeved vest with blue and ultramarine blue designs and a white
handkerchief tied to the neck, where his gem is located. He also wears a semi-translucent
oval-shaped celestial monocle in his right eye.
Peridot stone-The peridot is one of the few stones that have only one color, olive green,
that's why it is also known as olivine. The intensity of the green can change depending on
the amount of iron present in its structure, from a yellowish, olive green or greenish
brown hue. Peridot stone is a much appreciated stone in jewelry. The peridot effectively
protects the entire body structure and nearby organs of the thorax especially the heart.
Lolite gemstone- Iolite is an aluminum magnesium silicate. The Iolite gemstone is a
transparent gemstone. It is found in shades of blue - violet or blue-brown. It’s wonderful
violet blue color allows it to be an unmistakable gem. In cases where it has a paler blue
hue, it is sometimes mistaken for a Sapphire and for that reason it is also known as
“Sapphire of Water".
Prasiolita stone- it is the appropriate name for the green variety of amethyst. Although it
is not as well known as the purple variety, it has a similar energy level. However, it is a
very different stone, and it comes to us from a truly heart-based perspective. Prasiolita
stone is also called green amethyst but it is really a stone very different from the purple
stone that we commonly think is amethyst. It is like the spirit of nature itself, embodied in
a beautiful green quartz crystal. Its impact within the heart will clear the dissonant energy
and open you, totally, to love and compassion.
Black Onyx Gemstone- black Onyx gemstone is one of the most popular stones
worldwide. It belongs to quartz and, for many; it is considered a protective stone, capable
of effectively absorbing negative energy into positive. In a general way, it is believed that
it can help, to a large extent, to prevent the lack of energy and in the development, both
of strength and of mental and physical resistance. It the stone of optimism because of the
positive effects it brings to those who carry it.
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