What are gemstones

What are gemstones?
Gemstones are precious stones of mineral crystal that are cut and polished. There are used to
make jewelry or other ornaments.
What are different types of gemstone?
There are different stone for sale
Morganite Gemstone- the Morganite gemstone often called Emerald Rose. It is more
likely to be due to the excellent metaphysical properties of this beautiful pink crystal, since it
vibrates strongly with a beautiful loving energy in the heart as well as in the thymus or
chakras of the upper heart. The meaning of this stone is strongly related to its wonderful
vibration of love, which makes it a powerful stone to use in helping relationships. Like the
green stones Emerald also resonates with the most powerful vibration of Divine Love.
Amethyst Stone-Amethyst is a crystal of the quartz family. The properties of amethyst stone
are tremendously abundant and can positively influence many aspects of our life. Amethyst
stone is characterized by its violet color, which can be more or less intense depending on the
amount of iron contained in the stone.
It Placed under the pillow or used at the time of going to sleep.the amethyst removes
insomnia and nightmares, producing pleasant, pleasant, healing and even prophetic dreams. It
also ensures that you do not sleep more than necessary. It calms fears, raises hopes, raises
spirits, fosters thoughts of spiritual reality and emotional storms.
Dark green gemstone - Green is one of the richest colors in examples of precious stones.
When we think of green gemstones, the first thing that comes to mind is the emerald, one
of the four top in the world of precious stones along with diamond, ruby and sapphire.
Pedi rot, diopside, tsavorita etc are also examples of dark green gemstone.
Amethyst Stone-Amethysts are widely distributed in the jewelry market and sold under
many fancy names. The color of the stone turns violet due to minerals such as iron and
manganese. The most common amethyst stone colors are:
Dark violet.
Violet blue.
Bright red etc
The highest quality amethyst is dark violet and bright red. When you buy an
amethyst,always choose stones that have a saturated distribution of color over the entire
surface; In general, an amethyst is clean and clear, the clearer the stone the more valuable
it is.
Zircon Gem-The Zircon gem is a natural beauty composed of zirconium silicate. The
cubic zirconia, with which it is mistakenly confused, is a laboratory product. From the
80s the zirconia was marketed as the cheap substitute for diamond. But this synthetic
stone has nothing to do with the Zircon that is a natural Gemstone, ancient as the
same diamond and with excellent refringence.
Pink zircon- in the Middle Ages, zircons are believed to induce sleep, as well as to
promote honor and wisdom. It was believed pink zircon brings prosperity to its
owner, on the other hand, zircon was thought to ward off pests and evil spirits. Pink
Zircon is a natural gemstone that is a favorite of jewelry dealers and collectors, but it
is not well known in the retail jewelry market. In fact, some consumers confuse it
with cubic zirconia, a cheap synthetic sold as a diamond simulator.
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