Understanding the quality of gemstones

Understanding the quality of gemstones
For thousands of years, people have worn gemstones, even today; it is the pride of most
people. Given that there are many gemstones like nanosital with most coming in a
variety of colors, buying these precious stones has never been easy. In the past as well as
today, there are still those who get tricked into buying what they presume are real
gemstones only to find out later that they were fake.
Gemstones have been used to produce good quality and good looking jewelry. However,
it is important to be careful here because the fact that jewelry is referred to as
semiprecious does not mean it has no value. In a situation where you are still lost on what
to buy, it is better to ask an expert in gems. They should be able to direct you to the right
path. However below is a simple guide to buying gemstone jewelry.
Natural and laboratory made gemstones
Gemstones such as quartz gemstone can be classified as natural as well as laboratory
made. Natural gemstones are those that occur in nature and have been produced by
natural processes. For this you must have knowledge about synthetic ruby vs real ruby.
Although they come out looking already beautiful, it is very possible to make some of
them look better by polishing them. On the other hand are those gems that can be created
artificially. This type of gems can be created to through laboratory processes. Although
they may be synthetic, they do have similar properties to those that occur naturally. In
spite of their similarity to naturally occurring gems, a gemologist should be able to tell
the difference. Apart from the natural and laboratory made stones, there are artificial
gems. These are only showing in same color very similar to the original ones. They are
mostly made from glass and other material that has been colored.
Enhanced gemstones
Before they are put to in the market, some white topaz gemstones are treated and
enhanced. These are known as enhanced. Most times, most of the gems in the market
have undergone some form of treatment. However, such gemstones need to be handled
with care given that the effect of any treatment will die out with time. Also the treatment
or enhancement done to a gemstone may affect its value. It is therefore important that any
such work done on the gemstone should be disclosed to the person buying.
What to look for when buying
When buying silver jewelry good quality white zircon, it is important to look out for the
weight which is mostly measured in carats. A carat is one hundred unit or points. If you
will take care of this, you can’t get cheated by the seller. As there are many people that
are ready to cheat you in any manner. So be aware from this.
When buying gems, it is important to know something about the different types of
gemstones in the market. If you are finding it difficult to tell a fake gemstone from a real
one, it may be better to use the help of a gemologist.