Meaning of Semiprecious Stones

Meaning of Semiprecious Stones
Surely you had never stopped to think that when you put on, for example, that silver
pendant with a cubic zirconia or colorless zircon you were attracting peace and
wisdom to you; You just felt better about yourself and that's it.
But it's not that you felt more calm and beautiful, but that the violet gemstones stone
is invoking those sensations for you every time you wear it, because that is its
property and virtue, that of attracting peace, wisdom, beauty… For like the zircon, the
other semiprecious stones that exist also have the virtue of attracting positive
sensations to you and of removing all the bad things that surround you.
So for you to know from now what is the meaning of the semiprecious stones
(created opal) and the virtues and properties that each of them have, we have
prepared a compilation that will surely serve you.
There will be some other semiprecious stone (synthetic sapphire) that you can miss
in this listing but surely it is because we named it in the post where we talked about
"the meaning of natural stones" or "the meaning of magical stones"
Properties of semiprecious stones
Take note of the properties of the semiprecious stones red sapphire that we reveal
here and use them for your benefit:
The Agate stone is a semiprecious stone like synthetic corundum that can be found
in immovable colours, since it is found in many different parts of the planet and with
different compounds which give it the different colours. Its most important
characteristic is to harmonize all positive and negative energies, balancing ying yang.
The Alexandrite stone can be found both in green and yellow, but both tones are quite
soft. And its most striking feature is the possibility it has of changing its tonalities by
itself as light gives it; and it is that it can get to change its green tone by a soft red, for
example. Its property is to increase intelligence and provide balance between body
and mind.
This stone has a great reputation, and has earned it well, is one of the most important
stones. It is purple quartz with millenary properties. The best known powers of the
amethyst are to combat the problems related to sleep, either insomnia or regulate
nightmares if we go through a time where we torment too much. Its application is very
simple since we only have to place it under the pillow at the moment of getting into
bed to rest.
This semiprecious stone called amber is one of the best known in the world for its
protective capabilities that have everything it carries with it to later fossilize it. In the
European region, it is formed by pine, while in the American area it is formed by the
Guapinol in Mexico and in the areas of the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua as
The stone par excellence of the Amazon, with its great filtering and energetic
capacity, will finally bring healing to your life. If you need to have a state of
relaxation, restlessness, tranquillity and peace, you have found the piece you need.