Types of valuable stones their properties and how to use them

Types of valuable stones: their properties and
how to use them
Discover the different types of precious and semiprecious stones that exist. We tell
you what the properties of these stones are and how to use them.
But precious and semiprecious stones offer us much more than their beauty, and from
mineralogy and gemotherapy they teach us how to use them to align our chakras,
change energy, and liberate us and many effects more emotionally and spiritually. We
tell you through this guide with the 9 types of precious stones, their properties and
how to use them.
What are precious stones?
Precious and semiprecious stones, in their most physical meaning, are gems that fulfil
4 characteristics: they are minerals, that is, solid natural substances that have a certain
chemical formula; glow brightly; they are hard or solid, because they do not scratch
easily; and they are hard to find.
In this sense the names of precious stones are only four: diamond, natural blue star
sapphire, ruby and emerald.
Now, these physical characteristics are not the only things that make precious and
semiprecious stones valuable. Strengthen our spiritual life and self-knowledge and
even cure physical illnesses.
That is to say, each natural London blue topaz, in addition to its beauty and
particularity, carries certain energy propitious to help in different aspects of our lives;
we would say that, as if by magic. Do you dare to try it?
Precious and semi-precious stones with their properties
If you believe in energy, the chakras and the holistic world, then you can learn how
from mineralogy and gem therapy, different types of precious stones, natural
rainbow moonstone and crystals can help you maintain a positive energy, release the
things that hurt us, balance and maintain in general the physical harmony of our home,
simply with the presence of different types of precious stones or loose gemstone.
This is why we have made a selection in which you will find different names of
natural gemstones for sale and all their benefits that you will surely love (besides
their colours and beauty).
1. Amethyst
Surely you have ever seen this beauty of deep violet gemstone, although it is rather a
crystal. Well, amethyst is one of the crystals preferred by those who work with
minerals to heal the spirit, and is known as the stone of sobriety or the stone of
Having a crystal like natural pink tourmaline is help to clean those habits that we
create in our career and relationship. These are negative, whether physical, emotional
or mental. It is also a calming and tranquilizing stone, which works the crown chakra,
calming the thoughts and giving us greater mental clarity. If you place it in an area of
your house it will also give you a balance. In any case, this stone is essential to
transform, change all those negative patterns and find balance.