Know about different types of stones and their features

Know about different types of stones and
their features
There are different types of marcasite stone in the market, you can choose any
that match with your needs. There are only four of them, although some of them
should be, if only because of their rarity, some gemstones are sometimes more
expensive than gemstones.
The diamond: Composed of Carbonne, the Diamond is one of the four precious
stones. It is undeniably the most coveted mineral in the world. It is used in jeweler
but also in the industry thanks to its extraordinary hardness. Well known in shades
of white and transparent color, it also exists in yellow, black, pink, cognac, blue,
orange, red and green. Diamonds come mainly from Africa.
The emerald: Emerald is a Beryl that is part of the four precious stones with Ruby,
Sapphire and Diamond. Its green color is due to the presence of chrome and
Emeralds and natural amethyst come mainly from Colombia, Brazil and
Rubis: Like Sapphire, Ruby is corundum that is part of the four precious stones
with diamond and emerald. Its color is due to the presence of chromium oxides.
Natural rubies in gem quality, that is to say transparent and non-opaque are very
rare and their price very high. Treated rubies invade the market, nothing very
serious if it was reported to you, their price is much more affordable. We have
voluntarily separated in our categories the two stones so that there is no ambiguity.
Sapphire: Just like Ruby, Sapphire is corundum that is part of the four precious
stones with diamond and emerald. Concerning the blue color, this one is due to the
presence of iron and titanium. One meets however the Sapphire in a multitude of
colors: blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green or even sometimes polychrome.
Some sapphires have the particularity to change color from blue to purple, they are
commonly called (change color) .Sapphires come mainly from Sri Lanka,
Madagascar and Burma.
Those who should be part of it:
Alexandrite: The Alexandrite which has the particularity of changing color under
lighting is a variety of chrysoberyl. The Alexandrite comes from Tsar Alexander
II. The most beautiful stones come from Russia and Brazil but it is also found in
Sri Lanka.
The tourmaline of Paraiba: The greatest discovery in the World of Gemstones
occurred recently in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. Heitor Barbosa has been operating
continuously for a few years a mine located near the small town of Sao Jose da
Batalha. It was then that in 1988, Heitor discovered the first tourmaline crystals of
an exceptional color never seen before; it was then called prasiolite green
amethyst referring to the place of discovery.
Some price records: The Rubis Graff sold at Sotheby's on November 12, 2014 in
Geneva of 8.62 carats at a record price of 6.8 million Euros.
The Rose Diamond (Sweet Josephine) 16.08 carats sold on November 10, 2015 at
a record price of 26.6 million Euros. mozambique garnet value can be determine
from the Google.